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Mid-February 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical fine Mid-February to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how vision improvement is energy healing. Enjoy!

Vision improvement is energy healing
 moving erergy around a human Someone who knows I spent well over a decade keenly focused on studying energy healing, traveling to many workshops, and that vision improvement is one of my main passions, asked me if there's a connection between these disciplines. Well yes, natural vision improvement, using the body's own energy as well as free resources like sunlight and the beauty of nature, is energy healing.

In my energy healing studies the teacher talked about holding a firm intention to connect to the highest version of health you could envision for the client, and to be clear of doubts about it working, or of one's own ability. She reminded us often that we are all natural healers. Look at the automatic way a loving mother soothes a hurt or scared child, rocking or crooning to the little one, gently kissing the hurt place to make it better. Vision improvement has some similar elements. We guide the eyes and brain (where vision actually happens) to relax and function optimally, rather than punishing them for malfunctioning by pushing them harder.

 energy medicine To stay with the analogy of a loving parent, we don't criticize or denigrate our eyesight (or ourself) when we can't see as clearly as we'd like. Just like it doesn't help to yell at a child who makes a mistake, our vision won't perform well for us if we're always complaining about it, or seeing it as defective. Noticing what we can see pretty well, especially if we weren't able to see it clearly in the past, does more to keep the improvement happening.

Energy medicine is about managing human and cosmic energy, the life-force that's in all plants and animals and humans. We pay attention to the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual. Treating ourselves and our vision like a loving parent would is emotional energy healing. We manage our physical energy by getting a good balance of rest and activity, staying out of polluted surroundings as much as possible, and eating nutritious healthy mostly plant-based food. Any practice which supports the physical body to be healthier will support the visual system too. The eyes are not separate from the rest of us.

 eye in the sky Spiritual energy healing is about personal purpose, the "why am I here?" question we must each answer for ourselves. If you're helping people every day, in your family or at your job or with volunteer work or somewhere else, you're contributing to the human race, moving us all forward. Be careful not to overdo, helping others so much you have no energy left for yourself. Well-meaning healers can experience burnout even though they're doing what they love. We're here to learn and grow and help others, but not to take care of everyone else on the planet. Back to my loving parent example. One of the most useful skills children can learn is self-reliance, which does not mean they can't ask for help.

If you tune into your eyes and visual system, do they feel tired, or vibrant and eager to explore the world around you? Too many worries will fragment your energy. This makes it difficult to look forward to your tasks, let alone concentrate on them. Maybe you need a break or a nap, or to look at something you enjoy more than that computer screen, like Nature on a long walk, or the face of someone you love. If you're doing things which delight you often enough, your eyes will show it by shining more brightly. When you know you've helped someone, maybe just by listening to them with full attention, it makes you feel good all over. Your eyes will be happier and healthier too.

For more on energy medicine and vision, from a few years ago, click here.

Ongoing EFT series with a master teacher
Dr. Carol Look, my skilled insightful EFT teacher, is offering a 3-week 6-session series right now, Project Gratitude. I can't recommend Carol's work highly enough. This series could improve your abundance by optimizing your positive energy. Note that your own abundance challenge may be financial, or with health, relationships, or in some other area. The next live session is on Thursday February 16th at noon Eastern, with the past sessions available as replays. You can check out all the details here.

Have you wondered if my work could help you?
I'm now offering complimentary Discovery Session consultations of 20 minutes or so, for us to discuss what you're looking for in a coach, and to see whether you and I feel like a fit to work together formally. To schedule your Discovery Session, click here.

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