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Mid-January 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous Mid-January to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was cut from a group shot at a recent energy workshop in southern California. I hope you're learning about fascinating topics with good friends yourself.

Today's issue has an article on being a little too comfortable with strain than is good for you. Enjoy!

Are you too comfortable with strain?
 man straining to see eyechart Someone I worked with years ago, when asked how he was doing, would always answer, "Well, it could be worse!". He was trying to be positive and cheerful, but my automatic reaction to this was usually "Couldn't it be better too?". I felt like he was too fixated on his not-so-great state, not even considering that he could improve it.

Many of us are tolerating an unpleasant situation, using some of our precious personal energy every day to resist it. This is strain! The problem may be a negative relative or "friend" we interact with often, who leaves us drained. Or it may be a job we really don't like which isn't exactly terrible, yet we need a few alcoholic drinks to feel OK before we go home after work. Yes, it could be worse, but just like with my work buddy, couldn't it be a lot better?

See if you can set aside some personal time to reflect, and take an honest look at your life. What's the biggest area of strain for you, something with your health, or finances, or marriage? Be honest -- if you're just happy because it's not a disaster, you can do better than that! Wouldn't it feel good to gain energy from this strain-making activity or interaction in the future, rather than having your personal batteries repeatedy drained?

It took me more years than I like to admit before I realized that constant strain didn't have to be a part of my life. I can have fun and still get things done -- who knew? I can have rich close relationshios, yet not get swallowed up and still have plenty of my precious Alone Time. This is possible for you too. What regular strain can you eliminate from your life soon, and isn't that an exciting possibility?

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