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Mid-January 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical joyous Mid-January to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about waiting and impatience. Enjoy!

It takes as long as it takes
 stopwatch "Don't wish your life away!" rings in my head. I heard this from my mother when I was impatient as a child about some natural process taking too long for me. Maybe I wanted summer to come sooner, or to learn a skill faster, or to grow taller. Most of us are impatient about something that seems to be lasting forever, whether it be healing of an injury or illness, hearing back about that job interview we think we aced, or knowing there's finally enough of a trusted vaccine available for the Covid pandemic.

Looking back over my life so far, I'm realizing my rush to reach the finish line, then accomplish the next new goal after that without much of a pause for rest and self-appreciation, was because I thought my worth was tied to my achievements. And if I achieved faster than expected, all the better! It's as if I was the slow horse in the race, and my rider (who was really myself) was lashing me with a whip to keep going. Yes, I got a lot done, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I could have.

 baby learning to walk Half of this first month of the new year is past now, and we may be getting impatient already that our admittedly aggressive resolutions aren't met yet. Maybe we've only been able to get in a workout a few times, or we've snapped at our children or spouse or co-workers when we promised ourself we'd be more even-tempered. First, be easy on yourself! Focus on "progress, not perfection", as the Alcoholics Anonymous folks say. If you improved at all, celebrate that. Tomorrow you can do even better.

The child above learning to walk looks happy at his new adventure, not worried that he's going too slowly, or taking too much time. If he falls down, it's cause for laughter, then getting up to try again, not a feeling that he failed. "Relapse is part of recovery" -- rare is the improvement journey that's straight upward and linear with no setbacks. We often learn more from making "mistakes" (which might be merely what we didn't intend) than from doing everything exactly as we planned.

 Abraham Hicks expansive quote You've probably heard that an airplane flight is almost always a little off course, either too far to the left or to the right of being perfectly on track. So the human pilot and the autopilot are constantly course-correcting. Now imagine you're that plane. If you stop yourself midway and look where you're headed at that moment, you might appear to be aiming straight for the weeds, so to speak. Yet in a few weeks or months, if you look back on this particular journey, you'll realize that you were perfectly on course and on time. That supposed setback which delayed you was absolutely necessary.

So whether your goal is little or big, keep it in mind as you go forward. If you walk across a big field looking at a tree on the other side, your path will eventually lead you to it. If you look at the clouds as you walk, or your feet, you really could end up in the weeds, or worse! Don't forget to enjoy the journey, no matter how long or short it is, without too much focus on how fast you're getting to your destination. Impatience will just make it seem like you're taking longer, adding to your stress, not to your enjoyment. Let go of others' plans and goals for you, including the pace they think you should be keeping, and don't compare yourself to anyone else either. You are a one-of-a-kind miracle, going at the speed which is perfect for you.

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