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Mid-January 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical joyous Mid-January to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about details, the benefits and the challenges. Enjoy!

Details, details, details!
 inspector examining a scene With the holiday season behind us now, and some people wanting to charge into the new year and make things happen right away, others of us can feel overwhelmed. Animals in the wild spend months hibernating this time of year, I thought just yesterday, so why do I have to rush to complete my tasks? Bills, tax preparation, cleaning up after removing the holiday decorations, stocking up on groceries before the coming storm, staying aware of the political news, maintaining a connection with friends and family, to say nothing of my personal exercise routine -- this can all seem like way too much, making me just want to go back to bed!

If you've been following any vision improvement practices, or even just thinking about starting, it may be difficult to decide where your focus should be, and how best to spend your time. Do you need to be outdoors more often, looking easily in the distance? Or maybe you need to incorporate a more regular palming practice, since everyone says it's so beneficial? When you have too many choices, it's easy to feel swamped, then do nothing at all.

 too much stimuli coming in This image reminds me of how I felt so often in my corporate career, with a phone call interrupting me when I was answering an email, while someone was standing at my door waiting to talk, with 3 or 4 tasks I was planning to do next pulling at me. What to give my attention to first, then what after that? This was a perfect recipe for overwhelm, which I felt often, usually blaming myself for not being able to handle the pressure. I slowly learned that doing one thing at a time with full focus was necessary, since fragmenting my energy among various tasks, doing multiple things partially, just didn't work.

To be able to prioritize one demand or one person over another, at least for now, requires making a choice. My eyes are tired from reading: do I want to keep going with just one more email, or take a break? Yes, some requests are urgent, and so is the health of your visual system. A brief break for some fast blinking (since people can stare at the computer without realizing it) may be all that's needed if that next email is urgent. However please don't ignore your hardworking eyes' cry for attention completely.

 bullseye on a target Our human visual system is designed to see one small detail at a time, then move to the next detail. The movement is often so fast we're not consciously aware of it. This process is called central fixation, and is a key principle of healthy natural vision. If you're trying to see everything at once, or do many things at once, you're fighting your physiology. Your body and mind know what peace and calm are, and that this state leads to thriving. Trying to do too much at once, or to see too many details at the same time, leads to sub-optimal functioning.

Many challenges can mean many opportunities, which is better than being bored. Details give spice to life, flourishes and nuances rather than "the same old thing". I've found that if I approach what seems like too much coming at me with interest and curiosity, welcoming it and looking for what could be exciting, I feel a lot better about it. Think of a child's eager anticipation, at an age when so much is new and unpredictable. Whether your next adventure is with a class or hobby or finally making friends with the eye chart, see it as fun. Enjoy the details around you. Who wants Life to be bland?

Paying attention to one detail at a time, like a single speck of black pepper, helps both visual and mental focus. For more on this, click here.

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