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Mid-July 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a jublilant mid-July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was taken at an energy workshop held in a tropical place. I chose it because I'm writing this on a chilly rainy day, when I wanted to imagine the warmth.

Today's issue has an article on some benefits of undergoing a challenge. Enjoy!

Can a difficult situation be good for you?
 Sisyphus pushing boulder We've all heard those gym slogans intended to be motivating, like "No pain, no gain!", or from a distance runner I once knew, "The weak fall by the wayside. The strong keep on going!". Personally, as athletic as I like to think I am, these make me feel pressured, not inspired.

Keeping to the fitness analogy, we all do know we need some exercise to stay healthy. I prefer "Train, don't strain!" to the "no pain, no gain" philosophy. I've been injured enough, thank you. Pushing my limits gently seems to work for me, and not only with regard to physical health.

So are you "training" in some area of your life, wanting to move forward and expand your skills? And how are you approaching that? If you set too-high goals that are unrealistic, then don't reach them, you're likely to be disappointed in yourself. And you may not be excited about trying something else new the next time. On the other hand, if you don't push yourself at all, you'll stay right where you are!

When I start to learn something unfamiliar, I'm most comfortable absorbing the material at a pace I can manage, taking time to practice before I move on. If I'm rushed, by someone else who is eager for me to move forward, or by my own end-gaining, I'll start making mistakes. And yet I often learn the most from my mistakes, or from my setbacks. Learning how not to do something is learning, too.

Finally, when you're past the time of struggle and confusion, noticing your mastery growing at somehing you didn't used to be able to do at all, it feels so good! Maybe you're not an expert yet, and will continue honing your craft forever, but you're "over the hump" now. An old proverb tells us a long journey begins with the first, maybe faltering, step. So aren't you glad you started?

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