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Mid-July 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent jubilee of a Mid-July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about being a slave to the clock, and how it may be making you more stressed than efficient. Enjoy!

Are you ruled by the clock?
 stop-watch Time flies, Virgil tells us with his Latin saying "Tempus fugit". Most of us are aware that the weeks and months and even decades seem to be sliding by behind us into our past more rapidly than ever. Does this mean we need to speed up too, in a frantic attempt not to fall behind? I'm thinking of Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through The Looking Glass", where Alice had to run as fast as possible just to keep herself from going backwards. This doesn't sound like fun to me!

Rushing usually isn't fun, especially as a way of life. It's anxiety-producing, when a lot of people already deal with more than enough anxiety every day. Yes, hurrying to accomplish something can lead to a brief feeling of satisfaction at achieving your goal. Think of the excitement of running to catch a bus or train, then the self-congratulation and relief as you settle into your seat. And it seems our internal Hurry Motor can only be idle for so long before it starts to kick into gear again.

 man rushing Is it possible to have a fulfilling yet peaceful life, with work you love, rich relationships, and enough space for self-growth activities and learning, without being a slave to the insistent tick tick tick of the clock? This is certainly my own goal. I'm starting to catch myself more often now when I'm rushing for no reason and making myself nervous, consciously slowing down and taking deep breaths.
About the breathing, that's one signal to me that I'm sliding into Rushing Mode -- my breathing becomes more rapid, and the breath is higher up in my chest, not a slow deep relaxed "belly breath". Another signal I recognize is that I start chattering, talking faster and probably sounding anxious. This is not a good way to connect with someone else! The earlier I become aware of my too-fast talking and breathing, the more success I have in turning it in a more healthy direction. See if there are signals you notice in yourself, to alert you when you're hurrying without needing to. If you're not aware of it, you're unlikely to change it.
 fairy godmother Of course there are times when we have to push ourselves to go faster than is comfortable, in an emergency, or occasionally to meet some deadline. Yet this should not be a way of life, or we'll get sick, literally, "hurry sickness". This is defined as continual rushing and anxiousness, an overwhelming and continual sense of urgency. You may know someone like this, and it's uncomfortable to be with them. To me they feel like an accident (or injury or illness) waiting to happen, wound way too tightly, not enjoying their lives.

It's possible a fairy godmother or personal angel could come along to grant us a slower-paced existence. I'd rather do what I can to help myself first, which does have to do with pacing. If I can do something in a leisurely fashion, instead of rushing through it with half of my mind on the next chore ahead of me, it feels more peaceful. If I have to rush to accomplish a particular task, I make sure to slow down as soon as I can. And not over-scheduling myself helps too, as does taking breaks. See if you can be your own angel, giving yourself a mostly calm life. This feels like the heart of self-care to me, and you are totally worth it. Self-care is not optional!

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