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Mid-July 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous joyous Mid-July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about thoughts and feelings. Enjoy!

Which came first, the thought or the feeling?
 confusion image Shakespeare wrote "Nothing is right or wrong, but thinking makes it so". This is confusing to those of us with strongly held beliefs. You can find highly principled people on either side of most controversial issues. Aren't some behaviors, like intentional cruelty, just plain wrong?

My years as a vision teacher, and examining my own life and patterns, have shown me repeatedly that appearances can be deceiving. What looks mean or harmful could actually be helping. You may see someone shoving another forcefully in the street and be appalled at the violence of it. Then you realize this was done to save the person from being run over by an oncoming vehicle!

 cartoon image of being pushed Let's return to the Shakespeare quote: consider some life event which felt negative at the time, be it a job loss, or an injury, or a relationship breakup. Back then, you were hurt or resentful or frightened, thinking it was the worst thing that ever happened to you. Now with some perspective and distance, you see how much you grew from that experience. The event didn't change, your thinking about it did.

It's easier for most of us to choose to think about something specific, then to choose how to feel. Feelings can seem to arise on their own, sometimes with no obvious cause. Rather than letting the sadness or anger overtake you, can you be The Observer? "Oh, look, I'm falling into that old self-critical pattern again", you might think.

 porthole One of my teachers speaks a lot about dealing responsibly and self-lovingly with our emotions. She's guided me to take a breath and say "Isn't that interesting?" rather than immediately getting upset when something happens to pull me off-center. No, I haven't managed yet to do this every single time, but it feels so much better when I can pause, then choose what to think, and what to do, if anything.

When a strong feeling arises suddenly, let's say grief, it might not even be your own feeling. Maybe something reminded you of your close friend, whose husband just died. So send her love, and continue with your happy life, telling yourself you'll give her a call when you have a chance. Both feelings and thoughts can bring us useful information, and also sometimes entertainment. Appreciate all the cognitive and emotional sensations coming your way, and how each is enriching your life.

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