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Mid-July 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical juicy Mid-July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about self-imposed limits we may not need. Enjoy!

What if you could?
 woman imagining Back when I was going running every day, I would wave "hello" to the people I passed, wanting them to know that runners are friendly. Every once in a while, someone would comment wistfully "Oh, I could never do that". This always puzzled me. I wasn't moving that fast, and the person speaking didn't have any obvious physical limitation like being on crutches. Why assume "I can't!" without even trying?

It's easy to find superstars in any field, on TV or the internet or maybe even in our own circle. My sister who is 6 years younger than I am used to think I was a genius when we were children, just because I was at a later stage of development. This makes both of us laugh now, and she's achieved things in her life I never will. If someone has done something you'd like to achieve yourself, maybe they do have some natural talent, and probably years of training and studying too. Could this be an example for you, a role model, rather than only showing you what you haven't done, at least not yet?

 pussycat seeing itself as a lion Twenty years ago I took a good look at my life, and had to admit that even though I was physically healthy and fit, my eyesight was pretty limited. At that time I wore -10 hard contact lenses with a -1.75 astigmatism correction. I never took these off except to sleep. As a child my first wish for my fairy godmother (assuming she'd show up) would have been "Please, fix my eyes!". If she did appear to me I didn't recognize her, so I wore those restrictive eye-cages for decades.

When I stumbled onto the idea that natural vision improvement was possible, from an ad by a holistic optometrist in a health magazine, it seemed too good to be true. When I did a little research, hardly daring to hope, everyone I read about who had improved their own eyesight started with much better vision than I had. Without my contact lenses, I could not decipher the giant letter at the top of an eye chart unless I was peering at it from a foot away. Those with normal vision could read the letter at 200 feet! Was improvement, maybe even someday to be free of my dependence on contact lenses and glasses, possible for me?

 ladder reaching into the sky In running many local road races, I saw people in all stages of athletic development, some lean, looking like human greyhounds, some in wheelchairs. Participants ranged from children to senior citizens. Each was doing his or her best, often not trying to beat anyone else, just to participate, have fun, and maybe improve their own personal race time. In starting the journey to better my limited eyesight, I knew I wouldn't be at the head of the pack, and that it was pointless to compare myself to anyone else, someone who had a very different visual system and habits. This would be my own race, with no time limit and no designated distance. If I only improved my eyesight a little bit, that was still big progress, to my way of thinking.

Today I continue to run the eyesight improvement race, not rushing, resting when I need to, staying open to new techniques to refine my skill, being grateful for progress and learning from setbacks. It fills me with joy, every day, not to have lenses in front of my eyes, and to let the visual world into my brain unfiltered and unaltered. If someone says what you dream of is impossible, don't let them squash your hopes. Set out on your path, running your own race, and savor every bit of accomplishment along the way. We are all winners.

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