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Mid-July 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical jubilant Mid-July to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about appreciating what's new. Enjoy!

What's New?
 baby with big eyes When we're little, every day, maybe even every hour, can bring something new into our awareness. We're constantly curious, and fascinated by whatever enters our world. As adults, we can forget that we have so many chances to experience something different from our usual routine, if we only change our habits a bit. Yet if we stay with the old mindset, when a friend asks how we are, we reply with a weary sigh "Same old, same old".

Early in my own vision improvement practice, a major insight for me was that I was not really looking at what was in front of me. Instead I took a quick visual snapshot, then looked at that in my head. My surroundings might be dynamic, constantly changing, yet I missed a lot of the new detail because I was expecting the scene to remain static. Back then I was often startled by someone appearing "out of nowhere". I hadn't been paying attention to what was around me, or I'd have seen the person approaching.

 limiting the view Yes, we can miss the new by expecting nothing to change, which is not realistic. We can also limit our view and overlook things when we block our own perception, like a child covering her eyes during a scary movie. Are there scenes you're turning away from, due to fear or annoyance or boredom? Maybe if you looked a little longer, with curiosity and openness, you'd learn something new, or even uncover something joyful.

It's classic that when someone gets a serious medical diagnosis, or a major job or relationship problem crops up, that the person realizes there were signs and hints beforehand that this might happen. Yet they never changed direction or made a course correction, until the trouble was in their face. They weren't looking at the signs because it was too inconvenient. When I discovered over 20 years ago that improving vision was possible, I was stunned: why hadn't anyone told me this when I was a child, getting thicker eyeglasses every year?

 opening a gift We do what we know, until we learn better. Refusing to accept new information, which might contradict our beliefs, isn't wise, or an attitude of growth. I was taught that eyeglasses were the solution to blurry sight, so I got stronger and stronger ones as I grew. Now I think that these "corrective lenses" increased my anxiety and my nearsightedness, rather than helped to heal me. Today as an adult I don't need glasses to see well, and I spend considerable time every day doing practices to relax my vision and mind.

Is there somewhere in your life you're resisting the new, or fighting change because you're so comfortable with the way things are? Change doesn't always feel wonderful, since growth can also mean growing pains. Look at your previous successes -- we're rarely an expert right at the start, maybe stumbling or falling a few times before we can walk well, let alone run. Reach for your dream whatever it is, and start moving toward it. Life is a huge gift, just waiting for you to receive and open it.

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