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Mid-June 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyous mid-June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me outdoors in a favorite location, with my right shoulder raised to put my arm around a favorite friend who is off-camera. I'm happy being outside and with her. Where, and with whom, are you most happy? Can you put yourself there soon?

Today's issue has a longer than usual article on being aware of your peripheral vision. Enjoy!

Vision: Noticing the periphery
 peripheral vision chart Your periphery is anywhere away from dead center straight ahead, to either side or above or below. When you're looking at something, and see something else "out of the corner of your eye", it's in your periphery. It will be more blurry than what you see when looking straight ahead. If it's interesting, you'll naturally turn to inspect it with the most clear-seeing part of your visual system, your central macular vision.

When people first start vision improvement and realize the importance of peripheral vision, they can wrongly try to see their periphery and their central vision at the same time. They hope to expand that central clarity to their entire visual field. This is a wonderful goal, and that's not the way to go about it.

Central vision is always the most clear, and it's the only really clear area. As your vision improves, your central clarity will increase, and the center will shrink to a pinpoint. You'll gradually become more aware of your vast periphery, which you may have ignored when you wore glasses. And since the healthy eye is in constant motion, "dead center" is always moving as your gaze moves, so you need not be afraid the clarity is tied to any one spot. A perfect design!

An easy way to play with this comes from Tom Quackenbush's classic "Re-learning to See" book. Take 2 pebbles and place them an inch or two apart. Look at one, and notice you see it more clearly than the other which is in your peripheral vision. When you look at the second pebble, that will now be the clearer one. Move the pebbles closer together, and see if you can still see the one you look at more clearly, and the one in your periphery less cleary. When I practiced this I told myself out loud where I was looking, just to reinforce it. My first instinct was to try to see both pebbles equally clearly at the same time, which is strain.

One final point: people with limited vision are often anxious and afraid they'll "miss something". I think this is where the habit of trying to see a big area equally clearly might have come from. During vision improvement, we learn to relax and trust our eyes more to give us correct feedback about our surroundings. Paying attention to the periphery in an easy way, just noticing it's there, is comforting. The primary focus will still be on the clear central vision. You'll be thrilled, as I am, to find not only are you not missing anything by remaining aware of your peripheral vision, you can actually see more! Your periphery is your friend, and may be the key to more relaxed vision for you. Appreciate it!

For my own experience of slowly learning to appreciate my peripheral vision, see this article.

If you'd like to learn about gently and naturally including your peripheral vision in your looking, consider a Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see more, in a more relaxed way?

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