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Mid-June 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a juicy Mid-June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is from an energy workshop, where I'm bringing up some grounding and stability from Mother Earth for a fellow sudent.

Today's issue has an article on the importance of not working as hard as you possibly can, every single minute. Enjoy!

Are you getting enough down time?
 person relaxing in a hammock Last month I took a train ride a couple hours out of town to a workshop with one of my teachers. After checking into my hotel, I walked to a nearby sidewalk cafe to get something to eat. As I relaxed, watching the people walking by and waiting for my food, it occurred to me it felt like months since I had "taken it easy" like this!

This realization stunned me. Was I becoming a workaholic? I do love my work. Yet if I'm honest, if I'm not directly working, or doing necessary chores like mowing the lawn or shopping for groceries, I'm learning more about vision improvement or energy medicine or EFT or dreams. I can spend hours studying these topics, and I'll feel excited, not drained.

Burnout happens when you're pushing yourself too hard, working too much and not spending enough time playing or resting. It's easy to recognize burnout in the corporate slave, working long hours, looking haggard, neglecting the family. And caregiver burnout is classic, whether you're a professional caregiver or caring for family members. You give all your energy to needy others and have none left for yourself.

For someone who is his or her own boss, this is trickier. You're not answering to anyone's demands but your own. And maybe, just maybe, you're being too demanding! Yet you're too close to it to see it. I have been guilty of this more than once. As with many things in life, how you feel is a great indicator of the health of the situation. Do you greet each day with joy and energy, or with dread and a feeling of overwhelm? Tune into yourself, and be honest. Is it time for a vacation, even a short one?

Look at that person relaxing in the hammock. Are you jealous, wishing that was you? Are you judgmental, thinking they're lazy, certainly not as productive as you are? Give your hardworking body and mind the rest they need, regularly. Maybe just going for a brief walk would be enough of a break, or maybe you need more. You know your energy and your productivity will increase if you take a litle time off and put your feet up. Just do it!

One of the simplest ways to give your vision some needed down time is with the practice of palming, which you can read about here.

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