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Mid-June 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a joyous mid-June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me as a young child, to go along with the theme of "where we came from". What from your past do you want to keep, and what do you want to release?

Today's issue has an article about the possible relationship between what happened when you were born to your life now. Enjoy!

Could your birth experience still be affecting you today?
 mother aned baby drawing Recently while I was waiting for a haircut, another woman was talking about her young grandson, how it was difficult to dress or undress him, as he started screaming whenever a shirt was pulled over his head. I gently asked "Do you know the details of his birth? I'm wondering if the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, and that terror is still with him".

It turned out this was indeed the case -- his fear of dying was activated by the pulling on his neck, so no wonder he screamed! When we're being born we have no life experience yet, no history of problems faced and overcome to use as a context for what's happening now. Everything is total and global, All There Is.

We learn by making assumptions given what we're faced with, then refining those assumptions as new data comes in. If you landed on another planet and met someone grumpy, it's a logical conclusion to think "the beings here are unfriendly", or "they don't like humans (or women, or tall people, or whatever category fits you)". Being born is certainly entering into a new world. Based on what happened then for you, what might you have concluded about Life, or yourself?

 blue-eyed baby face Like any other experience, what it means is what we decide it means. This is often unconscious, and goes unchallenged as if it's a fact. If the person you thought was your true love breaks up with you, maybe you decide you're flawed and unworthy of love. Or maybe you decide that person didn't appreciate you, and now you're freed to find someone who does. Neither of these is more true than the other.

I've known a few twins, who shared those 9 months of developmental space and time inside their mothers with another. One had trouble being alone -- could this be related? One had a twin die in utero while she lived, and I always felt a sense of trying too hard from her, as if she wanted to prove her twin didn't die in vain, freeing up the maternal resources so she could thrive.

Once I read that Cesarean births, being so suddenly removed from the mother, may cause the child to grow into someone overly afraid of change. I've also heard it speculated that folks born this way have trouble with decisions. Whatever your birth experience happened to be, and whatever personality traits might have grown out of that, I think it's only a place to start, not something you're stuck with. To live is to grow and learn and evolve. Birth is just the beginning of that, and your life will be what you make it. So why not make it joyous and fulfilling?

To read about how my birth probably scared me, and maybe negatively affected my vision, then something I did to start to heal that, click here.

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