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Mid-June 2022 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous juicy Mid-June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about resistance using up your energy. Enjoy!

Resistance takes energy
 person pulling on a stubborn mule Could you be one of these two figures? Maybe your type of resistance feels like trying to budge an immovable animal, or person, or situation. Or perhaps you're the one who won't be moved from your entrenched position. Either way, you're likely tiring yourself out, expending a great deal of physical or emotional energy, yet not seeing any change, while getting more and more frustrated and annoyed.

When I started on the long journey to improve my high myopia over 20 years ago, I expected it to be a lot of work. My attitude was one of struggle and striving, but I was determined to give it all I had. I had accomplished other life goals through dedicated effort, so I had faith I could make progress at this too, once I learned enough. I wish now I'd approached the process in a more light-hearted way, gently rocking that immovable object of blur to loosen it, instead of trying to force it to change.

 headache By expecting struggle in my vision improvement process, I was setting myself up to work a lot harder than I had to, and to expend a lot more mental energy than was necessary. I tried so hard to "do it right" practicing eye exercises, I sometimes got a headache, which is not the relaxed attitude you want for health of any kind! I was resisting the natural process of letting my eyes see easily and without strain. Instead I kept pushing them hard, trying mightily to make them see more clearly.

If you observe a happy healthy child or pet, you'll see there is a natural rhythm to their energy and activity. Sometimes they want to run around and play and interact, after which they need a period of rest or solitude to recharge. By resisting this "a time to work, a time to rest" like Ecclesiastes says in the Bible, we're fighting the flow of Life, using more energy than is needed. Allowing ourselves (or our child, or even our visual system) to take breaks occasionally will actually let us get more done, and feel better while we're doing it.

 eye in the sky When I began looking at my own visual habits, I had to admit they involved a lot of resistance to seeing. It was like I was driving with the brake on, yet expecting to go forward efficiently. A friend would point something out to me in the distance, and I'd reply "Oh I can't see that" before I even looked! Or I'd be reluctant to fully see how much needed to be done with some household chore or a work project, concentrating my time on busywork which could wait. When some part of me knew other priorities needed my attention, ignoring that nagging internal voice to do what was required drained my energy.

One of my favorite teachers talks about having your head, heart, and gut in alignment in order to have a satisfying life. I'd add that your visual system (which is largely the mind, not so much the eyes) needs to be in alignment with the rest of you too. Trying to see, yet not see too much or too clearly, is strain and resistance to What Is, and uses up your precious human energy. Life is magical and challenging, frustrating and deeply satisfying. Let it in and embrace it all, because you can handle it.

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