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Mid-March 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical middle of March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo of me above was taken after a makeup lesson, a subject I know very little about. This stretched me, and I was relieved to find I still looked like myself. Whew! The contrast of workout clothes with the glam environment makes me smile.

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on seeing without undue effort. The second article is on EFT helping clear a resistance which hadn't been noticed before. Enjoy!

Vision: Seeing without a struggle

 Sisyphus Healthy clear eyesight is easy and relaxed. If you're working hard to see, this is not the most productive approach. Imagine a child with those happy sparkling eyes, finding delight in whatever he looks at. If he's bored with it, he looks somewhere else. Eyes just want to have fun!

Of course as an adult we can't always choose what view our eyes are faced with. Yet we can make it as pleasant as possible for ourselves. Sometimes this is as simple as taking a break from working on the bills to go outside and let your eyes feast on Nature instead of numbers. Or you could close your eyes for a few minutes to rest them, and see the face of someone you love, or a beautiful vacation setting, in your mind's eye. You'll feel your whole body relax.

The same brain circuitry is engaged when you're looking with your eyes open as when you're visualizing with your eyes closed. Think how this applies to worrying you can't see well enough -- you're sending your brain instructions of what you don't want it to do! Why not put yourself back in a younger scene when you had clear vibrant vision, and imagine looking around at all the colorful details? Seeing should be a pleasure, not an effort. Easy does it!

For my experience with learning to see without a struggle, click here.

If you're interested in exploring and improving your own looking habits, consider a Vision Coaching session. I'd love to work with you.

EFT: Are you resisting without realizing it?
 resistance Recently I had a client with a minor physical problem. As we explored what could be contributing to this, she said a friend had told her something negative about her health a few years ago. At the time my client disagreed, but because this was a good friend the negative statement still got in. After a lot of intense personal work, she thought she had pretty much removed it.

Here's where it gets interesting. My highly aware client said when the health condition temporarily pops up now, she can feel herself resisting her friend's belief -- she does not want to believe that herself! She's sensitive enough to know that resistance to something you can't change (like someone else's belief) is a great way to waste your energy and get upset. So we tapped on the fact that she and her friend could disagree, and still be friends.

Might there be something (or someone) you are resisting? Think about that unpleasant job or demanding relative. Pushing against a locked door is a fine way to exhaust yourself! If it's too hard or too much work, maybe you need a different approach, or to take a different route. Don't push against a door that you need to pull on to open!

If you'd like to explore your own unhelpful patterns to learn how to be more productive and happier, consider an EFT Coaching session. Together we can come up with a plan to make your life flow more smoothly.

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