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Mid-March 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical Mid-March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above was taken in Arizona. A friend who saw it said I looked pensive and wise. Actually I was trying to stay very still to avoid being stuck by the pricker bush! Where might appearances be deceiving you?

Today's issue has an article about people who show up in your dreams, and what that might mean. Enjoy!

Why did I dream of that person?
 singer Jimi Hendrix Sometimes, a dream of another is obvious. We dream of our partner when he's away because we miss his presence. Or we dream of our child or grandchild getting into trouble, which is mirroring our worry. And some dreams of people seem to make no sense.

If the dream is of a person you know and haven't seen for a while, I'd wonder if this is a call to contact him or her. It feels like we have senses beyond the normal ones in dreams, seeing beneath the surface so to speak, tuning into subtle clues our conscious mind may be ignoring.

When you dream of a departed relative, you may be receiving guidance from someone you loved and trusted. My dream teacher often points out that the most common method of communication between the living and dead is in dreams, and that "only the width of a maple leaf" separates these 2 worlds.

What if you dream of someone famous? Think about what this larger than life personality might represent. Courage? Wisdom? Perseverance in trying times? If this trait is something you want yourself, perhaps this figure is showing up for you to be a champion and an example. You can read a dream of mine featuring Jimi Hendrix where he played this role for me, here.

A final thought: if the person in your dreams is behaving in an undesirable way, might this be nudging you to examine something about yourself? Or maybe the message is different. I once dreamed of an angry person who regularly scared me, as Taz the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character! She was raging and sputtering in a ridiculous way. I woke up laughing, a sure antidote for fear.

Whoever shows up in your dreams, consider him or her as a teacher. The "lesson" may be something specific about your profession or a current life challenge, or might be entertainment, or much-needed support. If the person isn't familiar, does their behavior or something about their appearance or manner remind you of someone who is? If you're completely stumped as to why this teacher would come to you, take a guess. There's really no wrong answer to a dream puzzle, so keep playing with it.

To read about some of my vision-related dreams including one of comedian Jim Carrey, click here.

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