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Mid-March 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical Mid-March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about pushing myself to improve, and how that might backfire. Enjoy!

Pushing Myself to Improve
 being pushed image When I was a child in school, I was meticulous about doing my homework, copying it over if there was a single imperfection. I remember hungrily reading the encyclopedia (this was before computers), thinking all the knowledge in the world was there. I was stunned when I looked up some topic and it wasn't in the encyclopedia -- if I'd only had Google back then!

Yes, I was a bit obsessive. I did love to learn, and some part of me felt like I had to keep learning or I was falling behind, missing out. I took this same extreme approach in my corporate job, often coming to work on the weekends, when I could get a lot done since no one else was in the office. I also did this with running. Looking back, I pushed myself to run as many miles as I could, as if I believed the more miles I ran, the better of a person I was.

 criticism image It's good to have high standards, and it's also good to be gentle with yourself, which I definitely was not. I believed "The weak fall by the wayside, while the strong keep on going", and there's no way I wanted to be weak! So I pushed myself hard, then often got very upset with myself when I couldn't meet some impossibly high standard of performance.
In my time of running too many miles, practically all I did was run and work. I would run twice a day during the week, then do a long run on Sundays of 12 miles or more. I finally had to reduce my mileage when I started to get one little nagging injury after another. I'm realizing now this driven attitude of pushing myself to my limit was not fun! I had taken all the enjoyment out of whatever I was doing with this kind of approach. I didn't want to run or choose to run, I made myself run. No wonder my body started breaking down -- I was fighting myself.
 balanced stones My energy medicine training, and my experience with vision improvement (both my own and that of my clients) have taught me balance is key to a healthy satisfying life. Hard work that you love can be extremely rewarding, yes, and there also needs to be room for play, even silliness! This is not "goofing off", or laziness. I think it's a way of recharging our batteries, so we can contribute more, while staying at our peak.

Looking at my childhood years with my present adult eyes, I think now I had too much work and not enough play. Between my household chores and my homework for school (which I thought had to be letter-perfect or I'd fail and be left back), there wasn't much time for fun. This is not balance! So I'm making up for it now, having more pure joy in my life than I ever did. And I'm finding the joy in simple pleasures, like going for a walk and seeing the new Spring buds, or feeling the deep heart-connection with a dear friend. I'm learning how to simply invite myself to do what needs to be done. I've had more than enough of pushing myself.

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