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Mid-March 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent narvelous Mid-March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about dreams, and what they may be telling you about yourself. Enjoy!

What are your dreams saying about you?
 dream owl As a vision educator who is constantly working on improving my own eyesight as well as that of my clients, I recently listened to a conference of many other vision teachers from all over the world. I was newly inspired by all the personal stories, and suggestions of practices to help the eyes. Because I receive a great deal of guidance from my dreams, I asked for one about vision, since I hadn't had one in a while.

The next morning I woke up with a dream of Meir Schneider, a well-known vision teacher who emphasizes movement and health of the entire body, emphasizing that the eyes are not separate from the rest of us. In the dream Meir wanted to massage my shoulders, where I do carry a lot of tension, which could be restricting the blood flow to my head and eyes. Then Meir insisted we go outside and look at a sunset, with gorgeous colors splashed across the entire sky. People were gathered to watch it, a few crying in awe at the beauty.

 dreaming sparks of light What I got from this dream is that relaxation, especially of my shoulders and neck, as well as letting my eyes appreciate the beauties of Nature, are keys to activating clearer vision. Simple wisdom which makes a lot of sense. I'd certainly rather look at a colorful scene in Nature than practice seeing better with an eye chart!

The dreams which come through for you will usually be composed of images from your experience or environment, forming a unique "dream language" which means something special to you. You might see scenes or people from your past or present. You might see your office or home, or be interacting with someone you knew in childhood. A boy from my elementary school class whom I haven't seen since sometimes shows up in my dreams. This makes me wonder if I need to be more playful, or even, since the vision theme is so big for me, to "see with the eyes of a child", trusting and curious.

 eye in the sky An aspect of dreams which has always fascinated me is the dreamer's behavior. Are you mean or angry in your dreams, when you consider yourself a pleasant person? For many years I seemed to be more sociable and friendlier in my dreams than when I was awake and usually self-conscious. Years ago, when I often felt trapped or restricted in my corporate job, I dreamed regularly of some bad guy imprisoning me, and I had to bite off his pinkie finger to get free. My guess at the meaning of these dreams was that I desperately wanted to get away, yet do as little damage as I could to my captor.

Those dreams about being captured and controlled are long gone, which I think reflects the fact that my waking life is more satisfying now. Last night I dreamed about a dog rescuing an injured dolphin! (I'm still puzzling over the meaning of this one.) Look at your dreams loosely, since they might be symbolic or metaphoric rather than a literal warning. To me dreams are just one more way for information to come to us, like our sight or hearing or sense of smell. And the dream is often about us or people we care about, so we do want to pay attention. Remember you can ask for dream guidance like I did, then have fun unwrapping and deciphering the gift you receive.

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Let me know what you've wondered about concerning energy medicine or vision or dreams. I'll be glad to write a short article addressing that topic. Thank you to those who have sent me questions, or see a question you asked me in a private session written about here. You're helping many other people! Enjoy the second half of this magnificent month of March. I'll write again in a few weeks. Take care!

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