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Mid-March 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a mind-blowing Mid-March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about visual energy and how it's depleted. Enjoy!

What saps your visual energy?
 being pushed When someone pushes me, say with too many demands or by rushing me, it can seriously upset me. Unlike others who might react with annoyance or even anger, and then brush off or deflect the demand, I can get nervous. I may try to meet the request or go faster, while my anxiety starts to climb. I need to put a stop to this before it lasts too long, or I'll get a headache, start making mistakes, and have trouble focusing.

When that anxious feeling arises in me, it's often tied to my feeling inadequate. One of the first areas I can feel less-than about myself is still my vision, even though it's so much better and more relaxed than it's ever been. Therefore, to optimize my eyesight and my overall functioning, I need to pay attention to what disrupts that, like feeling pushed and rushed, and then reduce the interference as much as possible.

 undesirable character Something else which can jiggle my jello (as one of my friends describes it) and disrupt my emotional state is being around unsavory people. For me this could be someone dirty or smelly, even with too-strong perfume or aftershave, making me want to back away rather than approach and interact. It could also be a person with an unpleasant attitude, possibly someone loudly complaining, or ranting about some insult or injustice. I prefer to spend time with, and to look at, those who are more or less calm.

Over a hundred years ago Dr. Bates, the pioneer of natural vision improvement, taught about seeing most clearly a scene which pleases you. I've written about this here. So this is not just "feel good and everything will magically work out" woo-woo hippie philosophy, it's science. When you're mostly relaxed, and feel cared-about and like you're making a difference, your physiology is in that parasympathetic rest-and-digest healing state, when all parts of you, including your vision, will function better.

 Brene Brown being seen quote A major way I restore my positive optimistic energy every day is by connecting with Nature. This can be going for a walk and feeling the sun or raindrops on my face, or looking at a sunset or sunrise, or even just gazing out the window behind my computer at my lawn where the snow is receding, or the tall pine tree behind the house across the way. Nature comforts and calms me, while a busy city, with its asphalt and shrieking sirens and rushing people makes me feel tense and nervous. I see more clearly when I'm in Nature, which feels so accepting and non-judgmental.

Think about yourself, and whether it's easier to see, or to do most things, when you're relaxed and able to pay attention. Then look at what pulls you away from that, whether it be your own worries or a disruptive environment or companions, and see if you can minimize those. You don't want to listen to a static-filled broadcast, no matter how entertaining the speaker, if the interference is drowning out the message. Keep your energetic windshield clean, so what or whom you're looking at can be fully seen, and can see you clearly too.

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