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Mid-March 2024 Newsletter

Hello, and a melodious Mid-March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about the eyes being connected (or maybe not!) to the brain. Enjoy!

The eye/brain connection
 eyeball and brain anatomy Most of us realize that each of our two eyeballs is physically joined to our brain, since the eyes grow out of brain tissue in the developing fetus. Don't let the anatomical details in the image overwhelm you; I only wanted to show this "hard-wired" connection. The optic nerve (one for each eye) is the physical pathway between eye and brain. The optic nerves here look like two tentacles projecting from the walnut-shaped left and right halves of the brain to meet with the eyeballs. In this view we're looking down at the brain and eyes from the top of the head.

The two optic nerves carry the visual images, which come in on light rays through the front of our eyeballs, deep into the brain to be interpreted and understood. You'll notice that the visual cortex is in the back of the head, and this is where the magic of human sight happens. Our visual cortex transforms those random shapes and colors and movement, pinpoint-sized pixels of minute detail, into something meaningful to us. We then decide what to do about this incoming stream of information, and how to act accordingly.

 reaching out and not connecting When I think of what goes wrong when people have trouble with their vision, it feels like some flavor of this rich detailed visual input is not getting fully received, or is not fully making it all the way to the "processing center" in the brain, so it's not recognized. It's like the circuit isn't complete, or the extension cord is partly unplugged, or frayed. How could I be interfering with this vital connection with my actions or attitude, and what can I do to strengthen it and make it more reliable?

The first obstacle to clear seeing that occurs to me is distraction, not giving our attention to what's right in front of our eyes. Think of the folks who step into the street without looking and are nearly hit by a passing car, or those who try to drive while also looking at their cell phone. If you're giving your visual attention to more than one thing at a time, you're also giving your visual cortex a mixed message: look at this, and also look at this! Human vision is designed to focus on one thing at time, fully, then move to something else and focus on that. Visual multi-tasking is misusing and abusing the system.

 you are here image To help my eyesight function more effectively, I don't need to be a brain scientist and understand all the body parts of the visual network at an anatomical or microscopic level. What I can control is where I put my attention, so my eyes and brain get clear direction about what I want to see. I can also make sure I'm physically healthy, rested and hydrated and well-nourished, so all the parts of my visual system have the fuel and energy they need to function properly.

Wellness and spiritual teachers often talk about the value of being present, being connected to the here and now. If I'm worrying about what might happen, or daydreaming about future possibilities, I'm not fully in the present moment. This is important for clear vision too. I want to have a clear view of what is in front of my eyes right now, whether it's the words on the page or screen, or the distant view of that mountain or cloud. Imagine the images flowing through your visual system unobstructed, through your eyeballs back through the two optic nerves to your brain, giving you a crystal-clear picture. Be grateful for how well your eyes and brain work. Gratitude makes every experience richer, deeper, and more fulfilling,

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