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Mid-May 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a merry merry mid-May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is in a landscaped tropical setting, where I'm happy, both with the lush colorful environment and the company. Can you be somewhere soon which makes you happy too?

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on not wanting vision to get worse. The second article is on confusing dreams which show up repeatedly. Enjoy!

Vision: I don't want my eyes to get any worse!
 girl in very thick glasses From the age of 5, I wore thick glasses which just got thicker every time I went to the eye doctor. I was a "good kid", excelling in school and doing all my chores at home, but the one place I felt like a giant failure was my eyesight. I had no idea what to do to stop it from getting worse. My mother's constant worrying about "Nancy's bad eyes", reinforced my belief that I was defective.

As a pre-teen, I practiced walking around the house with my eyes closed. I wanted to memorize the location of the furniture, in case I became blind eventually. My vision kept getting worse, and I was a logical child, so naturally I thought there was a chance I might lose my vision completely. It was a long slow process before I became optimistic about my eyesight, and realized how much control I do have over it.

When I was 16, the eye doctor told my anxious parents that if I got contact lenses, my vision would stop getting worse. We all believed it, and that's what happened. I wish now he'd said "Try to do things without your glasses, or with weaker ones, and your vision might get better!". Belief and attitude have a lot to do with how well you see, as do healthy looking habits.

Many years after my teens I stumbled onto the idea that I could improve my eyesight, and started what has been a grand adventure. Even though most of the books talked only about specific exercises, and I couldn't find any teacher whose vision was as poor as mine, I still made some progress. Once I incorporated my energy medicine training and started paying attention to how I felt about my vision, I turned the corner and never looked back.

I now know that both the good news and the bad news about my vision is that it's closely related to my emotions. If I become anxious or frightened, I can feel my little visual attention muscles pulling my gaze closer in, where I feel safer. So I regularly encourage myself to reach out, to open up and have that expansive feeling where I want to connect with the world, and to see everything clearly. The colors and depth and textures and shapes of the view being presented are so inviting -- why would I resist?

For some of my experiences nudging clients toward a more optimistic attitude about their vision, see this article.

If you'd like to improve your own vision and your feelings about it, consider a Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't it be great to have a brighter outlook, and clearer sight?

Dreams: What is that dream trying to tell me?

 dream owl Most of us have woken up with a bizarre dream which left us wondering "What was that about?". This can be even more puzzling, and frustrating, if you've had the same kind of dream before. Some message keeps trying to get through, and you're just not understanding it.

A client of mine asked about her dream of a special magical little shop, on a side aisle away from the "main drag" of a big mall. She said she always enjoyed visiting this shop in her dreams, yet she kept forgetting it was there! In the dream she wondered "Why don't I come here more often?". She's had this dream several times.

I asked if any places came to mind which she really liked, but kept forgetting to visit. Or were there any favorite hobbies or activites which she just wasn't making time for? Yes, being busy with her family and her career, she was putting herself last like so many of us do, neglecting that essential component for a happy fulfilled life, self-care. She promised to visit a favorite place which always gave her joy within the week.

The dream owl picture hints at something we all know instinctively -- dreams come to us bringing higher wisdom. It's then up to us to honor our dream by deciphering its message as best as we can, then doing something with the information. I believe appreciating and respecting our dream guidance, by taking the action it seems to suggest, will lead to us getting more and clearer guidance. Who wouldn't want that?

To read more about dream themes which keep repeating, see the lead article in this past newsletter, next to the owl.

If you're interested in investigating your own dream life with me to understand it better, consider a Dream Coaching session. I'd love to work with you.

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