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Mid-May 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a playful Mid-May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm with a friend whom I unexpectedly ran into at an airport. She said something to make me laugh, then took our picture. I hope you have good friends and merriness in your life too.

Today's issue has an article about keeping a personal limitation in perspective, and not letting it dominate your awareness. Enjoy!

Has your limitation become your identity?
 leg braces This picture of a person in leg braces running makes me smile. I can just feel the determination to keep moving forward. It also reminds me of the scene in the Forrest Gump movie when he's running away from his pursuers, faster and faster. Then his leg braces shatter and fly away, allowing him to run free. What an image of triumph over an obstacle! I tear up just thinking of it.

The person in the photo, and the Forrest Gump character in the movie, certainly know they're wearing leg braces. Yet that's not the totality of who they are. They want to run, so they do. Listen to people talk, and I'll bet you'll soon hear someone express a desire. Then in the next breath come the reasons why they can't: not enough money, too old or the wrong gender or the family would disapprove.

In the photo below, a woman is using a power drill to build something. Does this task have to be "men's work"? Challenge your assumptions, especially those with regard to yourself. Might your self-definition be too narrow? I hear women say "I'm a girly girl!" and I wonder if they've ever gone camping, or climbed a tree. Don't miss out on the joy of doing something new just because you've never done it before. You might really enjoy it, and you won't know until you try.

 woman working with an electric drill One place I often see this kind of self-imposed limitation is with physical problems. A woman in my neighborhood was out in her yard last summer when I walked by. As we started to chat, her 2nd or 3rd sentence was "I have fibromyalgia, so I can't...". Being a lifelong athlete who sometimes pushes myself too hard, it was all I could do not to urge her to try to expand her limits a bit. She was walking around the grassy lawn fine, not looking like she was in pain. What if the jogger in leg braces had that "I can't" attitude?

Finally, overcoming an obstacle feels great, whether it's a large or a small triumph. When the doctor says you'll keep getting worse, he may be talking from his experience of most people getting worse, but that doesn't have to be your story! "Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it!" is a famous quote attributed to Goethe. Believe in yourself, and take that first step forward toward your goal. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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