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Mid-May 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a mighty Mid-May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about worrying, and how it might be getting in your way. Enjoy!

Does Worrying Help?
 confused worried cartoon face The Law Of Attraction (LOA) says to focus on the positive, and good things will come to you. If worrying is putting our attention on what could go wrong, are we drawing those unwanted events toward us by worrying about them? I don't know, but I do know it struck me strongly when an energy healing classmate told me seriously, "Worry is negative prayer." Yikes! And I've been a worrier all of my life. Maybe it's time to revisit this familiar habit.

"Don't worry, be happy!" seems naive and uninformed. Look around you -- there's a lot to worry about! And the White Rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland story fretting "Oh, my ears and whiskers! I'm running late!" is a caricature of too much worry, when mild concern and some attention to detail would be plenty for the situation. So if I can't let go of worry completely, since that seems irresponsible, I can at least dial down the intensity of it.

 MAD Magazine Alfred E. Neuman In a recent discussion with a conscientious professional man about his career, it suddenly became obvious to me that when he said he was thinking about a troubling aspect of his job, he was actually worrying about it! It was a problem he needed to solve to move forward. Yet he said he wanted to avoid thinking about it because it didn't seem to have an obvious solution.
Thinking and worrying are not the same thing! And avoiding something which needs our attention doesn't usually lead to it getting any better. At best there is no change, and many times a situation which is ignored just gets worse. Procrastination is not a true solution, it's only postponing dealing with something which seems unpleasant. Similarly, denial that a problem exists doesn't make it magically go away.
 cant to can Almost always, for things to change we have to do something, take some action, however small. Just wishing and hoping rarely does more than leave us frustrated, which doesn't feel much better than worrying! We're still in a situation we don't like, and not feeling good about that, or about ourselves for being unable to fix it. What baby step could you take to restore your faith in your own competence? Often just scheduling an appointment with a trusted expert, whether that be a financial advisor or relationship counselor or health coach, can shift the energy from stagnant and stuck to moving forward.

Here's a little trick I sometimes use to encourage myself to take action when I feel stuck. I imagine I've already completed something, then place that appealing mental image out in front of me in my future to pull me forward. The sense of satisfaction at "a job well done" (and on lazy days that could just be the laundry!) seems to motivate me. I not only go ahead and tackle the job I've been avoiding and worrying about, this often fuels me to do something extra. Making progress, especially in a formerly stuck area, can be extremely satisfying. See how capable you are, and congratulate yourself!

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