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Mid-May 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent Mid-May to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about trying too hard. Enjoy!

Are you trying too hard?
 Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain When you have a big task in front of you, whether it's a physical effort like pushing a boulder up a mountain, or something mentally or emotionally taxing, do you throw your total energy into it like your survival is at stake? Then you might strain a muscle, or become so exhausted or overwhelmed, you can't do much at all.

With the current unusual coronavirus situation, the way trying too hard is showing up for me is in trying to do everything at once. I've worked from home with my own business since I left my corporate job over 10 years ago, so juggling my writing and on-line clients and meetings with the household responsibilities (which can seem never-ending!) isn't new for me. Yet the demands to interact, and to show up for friends and colleagues on-line, have increased significantly.

 confidence pills As a child I felt overloaded with chores, my mother assigning me more tasks before I had finished the ones she had given me earlier. So this is playing into a familiar dynamic for me, and I can fall into the trap of blaming myself for being inadequate when I can't meet all the requests coming at me. In my former corporate job I definitely let managers give me too much work without pushing back, then worked nights and weekends just to keep from falling behind.

It took me way too long to understand that how I spend my time now is my own choice. To return to the theme of trying too hard, if I choose to do some task, it feels much less like an effort than if I think I have to do it. The Confidence Pills picture makes me smile -- as if it were that easy! Yet when my actions feel like my own choice, I have confidence in myself that I'll get the necessary things completed, and will have a sense of satisfaction when I do.

 Yoda with trying too hard quote How you talk to yourself matters. Feel the difference between "My boss is making me do X" or "I really don't want to do X but I guess I should", and "I've cleared my schedule to focus on X so I can do a good job". Even unpleasant tasks can be satisfying if you approach them willingly, focusing on the good feeling you'll have when you're finished. It's not a strain if you truly want to do it, even if it's only to get it over with!

If you have too much to do, are you trying to do too much? See if getting help is possible, delegating part of your workload. Examine whether you're filling your schedule too full in fear of "missing something". Don't forget to leave time to do nothing! When you exercise with weights, it's during the rest periods between workouts that the muscles grow back stronger. Similarly, you need down time to integrate any learning, and you need dreaming or free-form imagination time just as much as you need focused study. And as Yoda advises, you don't have to try so hard. Decide what you want to do, rest when you feel the need, and don't forget to congratulate yourself afterwards.

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