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Mid-November 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent mid-November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me listening to a brainy friend (whom I cut out of the photo), doing my best to follow her. I'm not as relaxed as I could be in this gorgeous natural setting. Are you appreciating the wonders of Nature around you?

Today's issue has an article on receiving. Enjoy!

Are you receiving the gifts Life is offering?
 receiving a gift We're fast approaching the gift-giving holiday season. Some of the bigger stores have been displaying Christmas decorations for a month, or longer. With this focus on spending money to give something to relatives, friends, and co-workers, don't neglect yourself. Maybe you deserve a gift too!

Beyond "things" you can buy in the mall, take a few minutes to look at what you already have: a warm place to live, good health, friends who care about you, even the internet which lets you connect to people all over the globe. When I hear "the rich get richer" I don't think of money, as much as of satisfaction and gratitude. If you feel happy, it seems Life gives you even more to be happy about.

One simple way to increase your joy is with a gratitude practice. Each morning or evening, whichever fits your schedule better, make a short list of what you're grateful for. It could be an unexpected check in the mail, yes, and could also be the sunshine coming in the kitchen windows to say "Good morning!". You might find, as I have, that more shows up in your life to be grateful for.

An overlooked type of gift is an opportunity which requires an investment of time or money, and the return is way beyond what you spent. On-line classes or workshops involving travel fall into this category. If you give yourself this gift, you may make lifelong friends, grow your skills, and discover surprising things about yourself. Don't say "I don't have the time!" or "I can't afford it!" too hastily. Who is more worthy of giving to than yourself? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Another flavor of gift is one which seems like a hardship or problem at first, what spiritual teacher Darren Weissman calls "a gift in strange wrapping paper". That disease which led you to change your unhealthy lifestyle, or that job from hell which prompted you to find a career you loved, is one of these gifts. It can be tempting to focus on today's trouble, and not see the bigger picture that the problem was just a stepping-stone to something much better.

Bing Crosby wrote and sang "When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep". Look for the gift in the moment to feel better -- what's good about this situation that I'm not seeing yet? Gifts are all around us, we just have to notice them. Focusing on your difficulties makes you tense and keeps you awake at night, as Bing points out. Take what action you can, then rest easy knowing you've done your part. It's such a gift to be alive!

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