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Mid-November 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a magnificent nurturing Mid-November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about self-care, whether it's an indulgence or a necessity. Enjoy!

Self-Care: An Indulgence Or A Necessity?
 massage In this accomplishment-oriented culture, where many of us think that the more we do, the better of a person we are, taking time to nurture ourselves can be seen as a frivolous luxury. There's work to be done! And as the holiday season approaches, with its extra tasks of gift shopping and decorations and cooking and parties, relaxing time to care for ourselves can fall off the list altogether. A client recently told me ruefully "when things are bad for others they turn to me, and when things are bad for me I turn inward". Many of my healer friends have this pattern too.

So how can we make sure we get the TLC and nurturing we crave, when everyone around us seems to need it more than we do? One obvious way is to give it to ourselves, even with little things. We don't need to book a massage, like the lucky guy above. Maybe we can spend a lazy hour with a favorite book, or make time for lunch with a dear friend who will listen to us without judgment. Even taking a walk outdoors can lift our energy, as long as we let ourselves focus on the scenery instead of mulling about our problems.

 Einstein imagination quote If you can't get away from your routine or take much of a break, can you find time for an imagination break? In a quiet period away from the family or co-workers, see if you can plan that next vacation to a beautiful place, or your next act of self-pampering, be it a massage or a delicious meal that someone else prepares for you. Simply filling your mind with those pleasant images will make you feel uplifted and cared-about. Then when your reality catches up with your imagination, you'll get to enjoy that pampering a second time.

All of the spiritual teachers I've followed have emphasized the importance of being present, not distracted with worries about the future (which may never materialize), or regrets about the past which is gone. The present is where the juice is, the fun. Enjoy the moment! One of my teachers said recently "The past is behind me and the future doesn't need me yet", which made so much sense! Being right here right now, exercising all of our senses and capabilities, may be the ultimate act of self-care.

 woman imagining During this holiday season, giving attention or time to someone can "fill their well" even more than an expensive gift. You might consider giving in this way to a lonely relative or neighbor, while giving yourself the gift of helping someone in need -- not much feels better than this. Or give to yourself in ways that don't cost anything but a little time. Take a walk and look at the decorative lights in the neighborhood, or go to a holiday concert, to enjoy the people as well as the music.
Getting what you need to thrive and be at your best isn't indulgent, it's sensible and healthy. Maybe you're tired of the hustle-bustle and want some quiet time alone. Take it! Maybe you've had too much Alone Time lately and are craving some company. You can strike up a conversation with a neighbor or attend a local event. Or if the weather is better for staying inside, find a group on-line with your interests, or call or message a friend. Visualize what you'd like to feel cared-for, then set about making that happen. Like my dream teacher used to tell us, dream it, then do it. You're worth it!

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