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Mid-November 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical noble Mid-November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about the joy of seeing. Enjoy!

The joy of seeing
 autumn colors Standing above the hill behind my house, I feel the warm sun and cool breeze on my skin, hear the rustling of the leaves and chirping of the birds, and inhale the earthy fragrance of the drying and decaying foliage. Yet the sense which is most activated, my visual circuits overflowing, is my eyesight. The rich colors, the shifting of the shapes as they move, the outlines and shadows, motion and depth, all feel like pure magic.

As a child my mother had a thick cookbook with recipes ranging from main dishes to desserts, entitled The Joy Of Cooking. It was well-thumbed with many inserts of additional recipes cut from magazines. I remember wondering why using this so often didn't make my mother more joyful about preparing those endless meals for our family. She did have some help from her 3 daughters, especially as we got older, and she still may have seen cooking as necessary drudgery. I want my own vision (and most other parts of my life) to be a true joy, not the "same old same old".

 baby looking in a mirror As people start exploring vision improvement, it's fascinating that they don't just see the world around them in a new way, they begin to view themselves differently too. I remember being shocked to realize how often I wasn't looking at my environment. I had gotten into the bad habit of taking a quick mental snapshot of what was in front of my eyes, then looking at that in my mind. I was constantly startled by my surroundings changing, even something as simple as the sun having moved across the sky. If you don't look, you won't see!

Another way folks who are improving their vision start seeing differently is seeing more possibilities for themselves. Many of us never realized we could improve our eyesight to see more clearly, in a more relaxed way. If we can do that, what else is possible? Maybe we don't have to stay in that unfulfilling job or relationship after all, and can move forward to create something more rewarding, even more joyful, for ourselves.

 neighborhood view into the distance This view is about a half-mile from my home, a panorama I enjoy every time I go for a walk through my neighborhood. It encourages me to look into the distance and expand my energy, to breathe deeply and welcome Life into my being. The easy seeing far out in front of me and overhead, with nothing scary or threatening, opens me up and leads me to be optimistic, believing anything is possible. In years past when I was nervous and very nearsighted in my thick lenses, I mostly looked down at my feet when I went for a walk. The correspondence between where my gaze is directed, and how uplifted my attitude is, has occurred to me many times.

It's a joy for me to look out toward the horizon now, appreciating that vast expanse, when I was formerly only comfortable looking into a book. It's also a joy to examine the rich colors in my surroundings, really drinking them in, when they used to be so muted by my thick glasses or hard contacts. Seeing was definitely not a joy when I was a child, it was a struggle, a test I usually felt I was failing. My only real pleasure was in the stories in my head created from the many books I read. It is so satisfying now to connect with a scene visually, and take in the understanding of it, or possibly even the love for it. Please don't take your vision for granted. It is a treasure!

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