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Mid-November 2022 Newsletter

Hello, and a mind-bending notable Mid-November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about self-programming. Enjoy!

How are you programming yourself?
 being criticized Do you blame yourself whenever things go wrong? For people who grew up with a lot of criticism, this can become such an automatic habit it's not ever questioned. "Oh, I'm so clumsy!" they'll say when they drop something, reinforcing that negative self-image. One way I re-framed this situation for myself is to be proud when I spot what has fallen, especially if it's small. Back when I had more limited vision I was afraid if I dropped an item it was lost forever. "I can see pretty well!" feels a lot better than thinking I'm clumsy.

If some of those those fingers pointing at you accusingly feel like self-blame, or thoughts you internalized based on how you were treated in the past by others, is that helping now? I've met people, and you probably have too, who will deflect or disagree with any compliment coming their way. Please let that praise in, allowing it to nourish your positive healthy self-image. When you go to the grocery store, you choose the freshest produce. So you'll want to do the same with the "food" you're using to feed your mind and your attitude.

 computer monitor Are you being selective and discerning about what's presented on the screens you view regularly? This could be on TV, like a news program urging you to be afraid. Or it could be your phone showing you a social media post of someone who took hours to get dolled up for a "casual" photo, which makes you feel less-than about your own appearance. It could even be an advertiser hoping to instill lack or insecurity in you, wanting you to spend money on their product or service to improve yourself.

What's your motivation for taking in an experience, whether it's on a screen or in person? Whatever we do goes into our memory, and often shapes our thinking and behavior after that. If you're looking for some company, do you want to spend time with that depressed friend who is always complaining, and makes you feel worse? If you're looking to be entertained, maybe you want to listen to music, watch a comedy channel, or observe children playing a game. If you want to learn more about a favorite passion, like vision improvement is for me, you'll choose informative and encouraging teachings to listen to or read or watch.

 can't to can We may think punishment, or the fear of it, is a motivator to move us forward. We're hoping to avoid some unhealthy or lonely or impoverished state by doing the recommended practices or behaviors. I'd rather put my attention and energy on what I hope to achieve, say clear relaxed eyesight, letting that pull me forward and direct my actions. Otherwise I can too easily get sidetracked by worry about the possibility of something going wrong, and lose sight of my goal.

Guidance about motivation or achieving a desired end advises "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". Why not treat yourself sweetly when you're pursuing a goal, rather than criticizing yourself and yelling at yourself like a harsh army drill sergeant? It would feel much better to program yourself with thoughts and mental images of succeeding, or memories of doing something well in the past. If you did that, you can do this now too! Forget the nay-sayers, and focus on where you're going, believing in yourself and your abilities and capacity to learn and develop. You can do it!

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