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Mid-October 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical mid-October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm standing on a southern California beach in winter, looking out at the waves, appreciating the expansive view. Have you treated your eyes to enjoyable scenery recently?

Today's issue has an article on whether vision problems are inherited from our parents, or not. Enjoy!

Vision: Are eyesight problems hereditary?
 infant Nancy with Mom in glasses People have argued with me that of course poor vision is inherited, like height and eye color. "Look at all the parents with eyeglasses, whose children wear them too!", they say. Yes, that is true, and let me offer another viewpoint.

We've all seen kids who look like miniature copies of Dad or Mom, the little boy with the same swagger as his father, or the little girl with her mother's worried facial expression, maybe even piping up with Mommy's words of, "A woman's work is never done!" as she fusses over her dolls. Were these traits inherited through the gene structure, or instead copied and absorbed after the child was born?

Before children go to school or have language, they naturally begin mimicking their parents. These big people seem to know what to do and how the world works, they think, so let me follow their lead. It isn't much of a stretch that the child could automatically soak up poor visual habits, like squinting, or watching TV long past the time for bed. And I think parental attitudes about vision get copied too. If a child hears her mother constantly complain how tired her eyes are, the child may learn to have tired eyes. And there's a sense of safety and belonging in being "like Mommy", a part of a tribe, even if the trait in common is not a strength.

In the picture, my glasses-wearing mother is proudly holding New Me, while I apprehensively look down to see how far away the floor is, nervous already. My mother wore glasses from the time she was a teenager, and often worried about my "bad eyes". I've chosen not to carry that attitude of worry forward -- while there are other traits I'm proud to share with my mother, myopia is not one. My energy medicine teacher Deborah King often says, about teachings or religion, "Take what's good, and leave the rest behind".

I encourage you not to let your parents' visual challenges (or other health challenges, or financial challenges), limit you. You are an individual, learning from your parents, then finding your own unique way. Who knows -- if you learn about vision improvement and can see more clearly yourself, you might be able to reach back and help the generations behind you do the same. We are all connected, and family more than most.

To see part of my personal "inherited or not?" vision story. click here.

If you'd like to improve and relax your own vision, whether your parents wore glasses or not, consider a Vision Coaching session. It's a lot of fun to learn how to see in an easier more natural way.

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