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Mid-October 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous outstanding Mid-October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue has an article about optimism and health. Could there be a connection? Enjoy!

Optimism and Health
 optimism glasses allowing sight in full color You may have noticed that your nagging knee pain, or that head cold that won't quit, seems to be less of an issue when something unexpected goes right. Maybe it's a pay raise at work, or a surprise phone call from someone dear to you. Your focus is now drawn to the positive, you feel an uplifting surge of new energy, and while your knee or cold isn't suddenly healed, somehow it doesn't seem to bother you as much.

OK, is this as simple as "Always look on the bright side", or the Law of Attraction philosophy of focusing on the good, so more good happens to you? This sounds like a magic trick! And what if no friend calls and no check shows up in the mail? Can you find something to be optimistic about on an ordinary day? Yes, there's always the chance to be grateful nothing went wrong, like driving home from work without getting an an accident. And that can feel like reaching, trying too hard to be excited about nothing.

 transformiong cant to can Rather than forcing yourself to be grateful, just slow down and notice for a few moments. Breathe, deeply and easily, without rushing. Feel yourself being safe, sheltered from the elements, with enough food and water. Life is pretty good! Tune into a nearby house plant or tree outside the window or your pet, who naturally take in energy from the environment and use it like food, to nourish themselves. See yourself getting healthier too, with every breath. Doesn't feeling a part of Nature like this start to rev up your human energy, and your optimism? Maybe you can conquer that health challenge after all!

One thing which always gets my own positive energy flowing is learning something new. This could be minor, like a new word, or a familiar concept applied in a new area. It seems every week I find lack of sleep is found to be a contributor to yet another health problem, for example. Or it could be a big (to me) new insight about my own "blind spots", like recently that I might be resisting perfect eyesight, even though I've been saying for years I want this, because I'm afraid too much would be asked of me! I can certainly do something about that wrong belief, once it's been identified. And often the "new" learning is re-learning something I already knew, but had forgotten.

 human surrounded by energy field How do you see yourself? As connected to the sea of universal energy, which is unlimited, dipping into it for your own fuel, and also adding to it with your positive energy and creations? Are you just a consumer, constantly taking in energy and others' enthusiasm to lift you own spirits? Or maybe you're the depleted over-giver, giving energy to everyone else and saving none for yourself. This is a sure way to hurt your own health, and your attitude. (To me attitude and health are strongly related.) You know yourself better than anyone. Being honest, do you think you need to do more, or do less, or just stop for a moment and appreciate What Is? And of course your answer will be different every day, and every season.

When I first heard "Life is what you make it" I wanted to disagree. What about the people who are born into miserable circumstances, or with a severe disability, or have disasters like hurricanes or violent crimes or emotional traumas enter their lives, upsetting everything they knew? There's no question some have more difficult lives than others. And choosing to see the good which remains, not over-focusing on the negative, helps a lot. You had a tragedy, and you're still alive. Property was destroyed, and you have help and support to recover. Can you reach out and help someone else? See it like a game, as if you're with a small child, looking for the good, challenging each other to find something to be enthusiastic about. If all the world's a stage and we're actors as Shakespeare wrote, let's make our play a comedy, or an adventure story. See if you can find 3 things to be optimistic about, right now. Really put your heart into it. Don't you feel healthier already?

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