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Mid-October 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a more-than-enough Mid-October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about acting against what you say you want. Enjoy!

How are you fighting yourself?
 cartoon of man shooting himself in the foot You may have a chubby friend who says "I really shouldn't be eating this" as she reaches for a second slice of cake. Or perhaps you know someone who over-spends, then hides the receipts from a thrifty spouse. This kind of self-sabotaging behavior may be recognizable in others, yet much easier to ignore or justify in ourselves.

Better habits are built with intention, then one small different action at a time. We can promise ourselves to exercise before work, then hit the snooze button "just this once" to sleep late. Soon it becomes a way of life to get up barely in time for work, and the exercise routine remains wishful thinking. We are building a non-exercise habit this way!

 cartoon of being pushed One common form of self-sabotage, shooting yourself in the foot, so to speak, is to push too hard to make a change. Then we'll get injured from over-doing it, or we'll rebel, feeling like a child resisting a strict parent or teacher. "You can't tell me what to do!" some part of us thinks. So we don't change.

What has worked better for me to adopt and maintain a new habit is to focus on the goal I want to reach. I envision myself more fit and healthy, or more adventurous and sociable (I have a tendency to be timid). Knowing my daily push-ups, which aren't always fun, are bringing me closer to Fitter Nancy motivates me more than yelling at myself for being lazy. The same is true about going out of town to meet with a group of other coaches or healers. How will I grow my skills if I never leave home? Yet I don't want to travel every week.

 Julia Cameron attention/delight quote An area I've definitely had to stretch into is sharing what I know with others, and being comfortable in a group. I'd be very happy to read and learn alone all day. There are so many topics which interest me, and I can research and chase references for hours without feeling lonely. When I was younger, I believed the way to grow and evolve myself was to study everything I could get my hands on, cramming for some future Life Exam. I'm sorry to admit how long it took me to recognize the importance of other people, both for challenging and growing my expertise, and also just for the pleasure of the companionship.

By trying to do everything alone, I was limiting myself. Others may have the opposite dynamic, always seeking help and being afraid to be independent. Is there an area where you could challenge yourself just a bit, maybe spend more time outdoors, or do one thing to completion instead of multi-tasking and rarely finishing anything? If you're honest, you know your weak spots, which to me aren't "weak" so much as under-nourished, like a seed that hasn't been watered. Stretch yourself just a bit, and you might be delighted with the result.

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