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Mid-October 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical oh-so-good Mid-October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about connecting with Nature. Enjoy!

Connecting with Nature
 white flower blossom In this unusual pandemic time, many people are home more, so are spending time out-of-doors (if they're lucky enough to have a yard or live near a park), when previously they had been inside an office or school most of their day. Others may feel trapped indoors, with no access to the natural world, getting cabin fever. What to do?

The above photo is of one of the many blossoms on a large bush a few blocks from my home. I often visit it (and its siblings) on my daily walk this time of year. I especially appreciate it because right now few flowers are visible, with most plants getting ready to sleep for the coming cold season. Do you have any late bloomers near you?

 deer group outside the window When a client or friend is feeling gloomy, I often suggest "Vitamin N", or time with Nature. Being out-of-doors always lifts my own spirits, no matter what the season. The fresh air is invigorating, and the natural light makes everything look clearer. Even a walk after dark, or in the rain, can be satisfying, shedding your worries briefly and coming back home with a renewed sense of optimism.

Connecting with Nature, whether it be a gorgeous landscape or an indoor plant, a wild animal like these deer outside my home last winter or just a ladybug crawling on your window, can give us a sense of wonder. It can pull us away from the busy brain mindset of needing to accomplish one more thing, into Allow Mode, receiving the blessings Life is handing us, just being with What Is.

 eagle flying In addition to the relaxation benefits of being in a natural setting or of merely looking at Nature through your window, this calmer quieter state of mind is when insights and ah-ha moments often happen. You're much more likely to think of a great new concept for your business or your family when you're not fretting over the bills, but are taking a leisurely walk, or gazing at a beautiful sunset.

Email and cell phones and video get-togethers are essential for modern life, and please don't let too much tech overwhelm your awareness. Leave space for the contemplation moments and the wonder, which exercise the right-brain creativity and insight side of you. Nothing calls this part of you forth like a natural marvel. Simply taking time to notice and appreciate the seasons changing can do it. The more you pay attention to the natural world around you, the more you'll be nourished by it. Make sure you get some Vitamin N (for Nature) every day!

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