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Mid-October 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous outstanding Mid-October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how important the neglected "nutrient" of rest is. Enjoy!

Rest is essential!
 person in hammock A message heard repeatedly throughout my childhood, stated often like it was a Life Truth, was "No rest for the weary". If I wanted to take a break from my chores to read a book, I might be told "Who are you, a Lady of Leisure?". The implication was clear. Hard work, even struggle, was to be admired, while rest was suspect, even scorned.

While learning about and practicing vision improvement, its foundational principle of resting the eyes gave me a lot of difficulty. This went directly against my core beliefs of striving and struggling to make progress at anything, from academics to athletics. Shouldn't I be pushing my eyes to see more clearly, trying with all my might to help them "shape up"? Apparently not. The more I strained to see, the worse my blur became. The only thing which got stronger was my already thick eyeglasses.

 information overload (the opposite of rest) Most of us are dealing with way too many incoming demands, from our job or family, from friends wanting an ear, even from ourselves craving a bit of Me Time. My way of coping with this onslaught has always been to do as much as I could as fast as I could, acting like I was running away from a predator. Rest and relaxation weren't a priority for me, often not even on my radar. I got a lot done, but I wasn't having much fun!

Diving more deeply into vision improvement, going beyond gradually weakening my strong prescription to examining my attitude about seeing, showed me that the tension-filled way I treated my eyes was the same way I had approached everything. There could be no progress without struggle, I thought -- taking it easy was for slackers! Calming practices to rest my eyes didn't do much for me at first because my mind wasn't calm. I didn't really believe there was any value to rest, and was impatient to return to something productive where the results were obvious.

 expansive quote Working out hard in the gym, then resting so my muscles would recover and grow back stronger, was the way to improve my phyical fitness, I knew. If I never rested, I'd get injured. I had also learned to listen to my body, whether I had the energy to push a little more or needed to go easier because I just didn't have much pep that day. Then when I finally started to pay attention to how my eyes felt, I was dismayed to realize how much I'd been pushing and straining them, most of my life. Maybe there was something to this "relax your eyes" idea after all.

As I began to simply close my eyes for a few minutes when they were tired at the computer, rather than ignoring them as if they were rude complaining strangers, my vision did start to relax. If I allowed myself to go for a walk and gaze gently at the trees and sky and clouds, I could feel the peace and ease entering my being. Then I returned to my work with renewed energy and was able to accomplish more without that driven desperate feeling. Letting my eyes play by looking at bright colors or a landscape rich in natural depth was good for my mind too. Oh and yes, as I allow my eyes to rest, they see better without trying. What part of you needs more rest, and what's stopping you from giving that to yourself?

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