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Mid-October 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a mind-bending optimal Mid-October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how every moment is new. Enjoy!

Every moment is new
 baby eyes Something new in our life can be exciting or it can be overwhelming, even frightening. We may say we want a change from our current situation, yet the known is so familiar! This is true even about the problems we have, so although we're suffering we may still be reluctant to reach for something different. Changing a pattern can be challenging. Think about shifting our usual way of interacting with someone, perhaps toward voicing what we really feel rather than going along when we don't agree. Then we're annoyed at ourselves later.

When I started vision improvement years ago, I realized how often I was startled by a change in my surroundings I hadn't noticed before. I wasn't looking, instead seeing what was in my memory of the scene from earlier, not seeing what was right in front of me at the time. Letting go of "the way it should be" to allow space for "the way it is" helped me be more present more often. It also helped my vision, naturally inviting me to examine details carefully, observing what might have changed.

 human energy field Everything is new to a child, and that infectious enthusiasm can be endearing. Children grow and change so fast, we adults can't stay fixated on the way they were yesterday or last week. They're constantly evolving, developing new likes and dislikes, or gaining new skills. The rapid physical growth of children can be fascinating to adult relatives, who exclaim about how much taller they've become since the previous visit. Noticing what has changed with a familiar person or in a familiar scene can be an excellent vision exercise, since healthy vision involves paying attention.

When I examined my behavior and automatic habits related to my eyesight, I soon realized I only felt safe seeing up close. I was comfortable and peaceful reading a book, or engaged and attentive when sitting in the front row in school, enjoying interacting with the teacher. However, anyone more than ten feet away was a potential threat who might yell at me or point out harshly what I was doing wrong. My area of focus and interest was limited to the small space right around me. When I read about prisoners in a small cell who became nearsighted from never being able to look in the distance, I felt like that could be me.

attention/delight quote To improve my vision and to escape from that myopic prison, I needed to expand my comfort zone, with regard to my feelings as well as with my eyesight. My usual approach to accomplishing something I wanted had been to push myself, often too hard. This hadn't worked all that well with regard to my vision, since I felt pressured and anxious, like I wasn't performing up to expectations. I decided to remove every "should" about vision improvement and proceed as gently as possible. Rather than force myself to look at the eye chart regularly to practice seeing details, at first I just glanced at it occasionally, noticed what I could see without judgment, then did something else.

It surprised me that this more self-caring approach not only felt calmer, I began to see details more easily. I felt invited to look, not like it was being demanded of me by a stern teacher. I do my best to hold this attitude all the time now, with the chart and everywhere else. What if the trees are inviting me to examine their colorful autumn foliage? Noticing what has changed and appreciating details is becoming a positive feedback loop, as the more I look, in an interested relaxed way, the more I am able to see.

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Emotional Abundance program
Dr. Carol Look, a founding EFT Master and one of my favorite teachers, is offering a new program on Emotional Abundance this month. This includes 6 live classes where you'll get the chance to work personally with Carol if you wish, a golden opportunity. The 2 sessions which happened already were recorded, and will be available to anyone who registers. There are also some excellent bonuses, one on Clarity which I enjoyed, as I thought about my vision. Hope to see you in the next live class Monday! You can find out more about Carol's Emotional Abundance series here.

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