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Mid-September 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical Mid-September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about resisting change. Enjoy!

Do you prefer to stick with what you know?
 comfort zone graphic It's called a "comfort zone" because it's familiar. Who wants to be uncomfortable? Yet sometimes I'll greet someone with a cheery "Hello! How are you?", to be told "Same old, same old", or "Could be worse". I can just feel my energy sinking, knowing a Tale Of Woe is sure to follow. I wonder to myself if these folks are too comfortable being unhappy and complaining.

As it says in the image above, trying something new and unfamiliar can often be awkward. We're probably not an expert at something we've never done before, and we may be afraid of looking foolish. What's helped me with this is remembering that I've been able to learn many new things in my life, that with growing skill comes increasing confidence, and that most people are understanding, not expecting me to be proficient when I'm just a beginner.

 leaving comfort zone cartoon A bit like the snail brave enough to exit his shell and face the world without it, I'd like to be enthusiastic about leaving my comfort zone for an unfamiliar experience. However I can often be timid, worried I'll disappoint someone, or won't live up to my own unrealistic too-high expectations of myself. I may have to make myself "just do it!", as Nike advises, correcting any mistakes as I go.

About "mistakes", if we're harder on ourselves than anyone else is, what feels like a mistake to us may seem normal and human to others, no big deal. If I'm relaxed enough, when I accidentally go "off-script" with a group, I can even turn it into a small joke about myself. Everyone likes to laugh! Recently I led a new on-line group, putting a lot of pressure on myself to do everything right and help the group members feel comfortable. Then my internet dropped, for many hours, which I found out later was also a problem in several nearby states. The Universe was telling me I can't control everything, so I should just lighten up!

 changing can't to can In this first meeting which I could have looked at as a disaster, blaming myself for something which wasn't my doing, it turned out fine. Other members of the group stepped up in my absence, we communicated before the next meeting, and that went smoothly, with no tech issues. Like Mark Twain said, most of the terrible things I worried about never happened.

A child learns to walk or ride a bike or roller skate by trying something he or she can't do yet, falling or stumbling less as they gain mastery. Like the Chinese proverb says, "Fall down 7 times, get up 8!". This is the way to learn anything. Keep at it, and you'll slowly get better, as your confidence increases along with your ability. Tiptoe outside of that comfort zone occasionally, regularly even, to help yourself grow. You might find you like it out there. And what used to be awkward is now part of your newer bigger comfort zone. Ever onward!

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