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Mid-September 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical special Mid-September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about identifying what takes away your inner peace. Enjoy!

What harshes your mellow?
 being pushed We're all familiar with feeling calm and content, then something coming along to disrupt that. This could be a sudden prolonged noise like a siren when we're driving or lawn mower when we're home, "so loud we can't think", or an angry person entering our space, or even someone chattering on and on about a topic which holds no interest for us.

"Don't harsh my mellow" is an old hippie expression which makes me laugh, and it's such a good description! We're "in the zone", feeling great, and something appears to mess that up. Since visual calm is so tightly connected to emotional calm, we might as well say "Don't blur my clarity!". If we can identify the cause, then create a plan to manage it, whether it's moving away from the noise or noxious smell, or cutting short the intrusive conversation, we can return to feeling more serene, and seeing more clearly.

 angry blond guy One of the most disruptive situations for me is an annoyed ranting person who is unhappy that things aren't going their way. It's even worse if they're somehow blaming me. They don't have to be making sense for me to get triggered. I can feel their anger coming right at me, and it tangles my emotional circuits, making me feel like a scared little kid being punished for something I didn't do. If I can't think calmly, I can't see calmly either, and it often takes me a bit of time to regain my center.

Now I have the ability to leave the scene when an unpleasant character "jiggles my jello" (as a friend likes to say) or to speak up and voice my disagreement. This wasn't always possible when I was younger, particularly with a demanding parent or dictatorial boss. It is much healthier for my body and mind and vision to be in situations where I feel accepted and welcome, and I choose this type of environment as often as I'm able. Knowing what makes me feel good in my mind and body, then knowing that I can have that most of the time, has proven to be the way to stay healthy and thriving.

 view into the distance Do you know what in your surroundings interferes with your tranquility? Once you've identified it, are there some actions you can take to reduce the impact? This might be asking for help (either at work or at home) if you're feeling overloaded, giving yourself more breaks or "down time", or doing something just for fun. This photo is a scene in my neighborhood a couple of blocks from my house, which I have the pleasure of seeing a few times a day when I go for a walk. The expansive open view feels like it opens up my energy field too, letting my worries fly up to the clouds and melt away.

Initially it surprised me to discover the strong connection between the clarity of my vision, and whether I'm present and peaceful (or not!). Now it makes perfect sense, and how well I can see often becomes an indicator to me that I'm more stressed than I want to admit, fighting my environment rather than dancing in concert with it. If the stress starts getting to you, don't wait until it takes over to do something about it. You and your eyes and brain deserve an easy-going uplifting space where you can thrive, function at your best, and contribute to the rest of us.

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New book by a master EFT teacher
My skilled insightful EFT teacher Dr. Carol Look has written a new e-book, Overcoming Overwhelm. I can't recommend Carol's work highly enough. Nearly everyone I know, myself included, is experiencing feelings of overwhelm, and Carol's book will give you some guidance and support for dealing with it. You can check out the details here.

New Emotional Abundance program
Dr. Carol Look is also offering a new program on Emotional Abundance in October. This will include 6 live classes where you'll get the chance to work personally with Carol if you wish, a golden opportunity. Hope to see you there! You can find out more about the Emotional Abundance series here.

Have you wondered if my work could help you?
I'm now offering complimentary Discovery Session consultations of 20 minutes or so, for us to discuss what you're looking for in a coach, and to see whether you and I feel like a fit to work together formally. To schedule your Discovery Session, click here.

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Let me know what you've wondered about concerning energy medicine or vision or dreams. I'll be glad to write a short article addressing that topic. Thank you to those who have sent me questions, or see a question you asked me in a private session written about here. You're helping many other people! Enjoy the second half of this supportive month of September. I'll write again in a few weeks. Take care!

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