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November 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a luscious lovely November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm in a tropical environment, loving the warmth and the beauty of Nature. Are you enjoying whatever natural scene is near you?

Today's issue has an article on how trying too hard may be counter-productive, to clearer vision or to anything else you want. Enjoy!

Vision: Are you trying too hard to see clearly?
 infant Nancy with Mom in glasses From an early age many of us are taught to work hard to get what we want. In school the good students are the ones who strive, and those who don't seem to be trying, the "slackers", are scorned.

You may have noticed yourself learning to do something new, which didn't feel like it came naturally. You got frustrated, felt "all thumbs". For me, this happens with the hardware side of computers. Though I've spent decades as a programmer, the cables and connectors part of computer work is like a foreign land, which I don't even want to visit! My limit seems to be putting more paper in the printer. If I push and fight this sort of task, it's even harder and more error-prone for me.

The "secret", which is no secret at all but took me a long time to learn, is that I make better progress if I simply hold the intention of the result I want, and keep slowly going forward toward that goal. Recently I replaced my computer display with a spare one, including hooking up the audio cable, and connecting the display to a switch box for the 2 computers I need it to support. This was a huge accomplishment for me, even though it would have taken my engineer partner (who was out of town) just a few easy minutes.

So my point is that striving and struggling didn't get me far, and often got me upset. On the other hand, patiently and methodically tackling the task at hand got me where I wanted to go. This same kind of approach has helped me with vision improvement.

When I started, I greedily devoured vision books, desperate for "the answer" to fix my myopia. I did the Long Swing almost fiercely! Now I see my "vision improvement practice" as a peaceful pleasurable time. I can feel myself relaxing into it, rather than gearing up for a test I might not pass. I am simply enjoying the experience, not rating it. Why don't you give this attitude a try with whatever you want to achieve?

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