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November 2017 Newsletter

Hello, and a wonderful November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue has an article about healthy habits all day long. Does that sound like drudgery, or like fun? Enjoy!

Healthy habits all day long
 woman sleeping When you think of healthy habits, my guess is you're thinking of eating lots of vegetables, or going to the gym regularly. Yes, these matter, and so does getting enough rest! It's become a badge of honor to function with as little sleep as possible, which to me is crazy. It's like saying "Look how fast I can drive with the brake on!". You're wasting energy, and damaging your vehicle (your body) in the process. Please honor your need for sleep and down time.

To be healthy all day long, you don't have to rush from the yoga studio to go get a massage, then have a big salad, then take a brisk walk. Yes, exercise and good food and self-care are important. Yet even more important than any single activity is awareness, slowing down long enough to know what you need, not what your friend or sister needs. Maybe for you the key is more time alone -- you start to get run-down and drained when you don't get it. Or you'd much rather have extra green veggies with dinner than potatoes. Know yourself, so you can get what suits you.

 good posture Another simple healthy habit too many people ignore is good posture. You don't have to stand rigidly upright like an obedient soldier. It's actually easier to stand or sit with your body in alignment and relaxed, not forcing it. If you slouch and slump, you'll get tired faster, and maybe develop a cramp or an ache. Without good posture, your breathing will be constricted, and breath is Life! So reach the top of your head up to the sky, feeling the energy of the universe flowing through your body.

Being truly healthy, whatever your choice of exercise and your choice of diet, will lift your spirits. Think how grumpy and negative that guy at work is who never gets enough sleep. Now picture someone standing tall and straight, head held high. A happy manner goes along with that image of good posture. To me this is a positive feedback loop -- keep yourself healthy, and you'll be happier. If you're happy, you'll naturally want to have healthy habits and take care of your valuable self. Onward and upward!

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