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November 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a noble November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about understanding dreams, which can often seem both important and confusing. Enjoy!

Do your dreams make sense?
 dreamy woman surrounded by sparks of light As my decades-long corporate computer job neared an end, I realized how one-sided I'd been, ignoring my emotions to focus only on the logical. Dreams had been coming to me at night for years which made no sense at first. Recording these, then puzzling over them, seemed an obvious way to start to know myself at a deeper level.

Digging into my dreams was fun, since they were so silly sometimes. People from my childhood interacted with those in my life now, or deceased relatives appeared as if they were still here in the body. Recently I dreamed I was on a hike with some friends, and my mother showed up. She died over a year and a half ago, yet was striding along and swinging her arms, looking happy and healthy. I took this dream to mean that she's fine, still connected to me, and on her own path.

 dream owl In my computer job I was used to identifying patterns, so it's no surprise that patterns in my dreams were noticeable. One of the most common themes in my dreams has been learning and teaching, with myself playing the role of student, teacher, or apprentice teacher. Just last night I dreamed of not being able to enter a school, worrying about being late to class, then finally getting to my classroom. The teacher called on me right away, by name, when I hadn't heard any of the lesson!

Over my life I've had many different teaching-related jobs, and I love being a student and learning new things, so my dreams are reflecting my reality here. This particular recent dream most likely reflects my worry about an upcoming energy workshop, which will be held across the country from me in a week. Travel can seriously un-ground me, and yes I'm concerned that if I don't recover quickly from the trip, I won't be able to fully take in the learning, or fully contribute what I have to offer.

 woman with closed eyes in the sunlight If your dreams seem "ordinary", about the office or family, look a little deeper, behind the plot to the feelings. Are you often worried or afraid in your dreams, feeling out of control? What in your waking life does this remind you of? Or are you resentful, feeling pushed around? If so, could this reflect your bossy manager, or a dictator-like relative? Dreams are just one more way for information to come to us, like our hearing or sight. So think a bit about what your dreams are saying, then decide what to do about it.

One technique which helped me make sense of my dreams was to record them in a notebook. Overnight I would jot down a few words about the dream story, then go back to sleep. In the morning this was usually enough to help me pull back most of the dream, so I could write it in my journal. When I reviewed my dream entries for a few weeks, I'd see that many were about feeling attacked (for example), even though the scenes were different. This would lead me to change some patterns of interaction. Seeing my dreams as information about my life and my habits helped me appreciate them more. Are you accepting and making use of what your dreams are bringing to you?

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