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November 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a nurturing November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about being receptive to the good coming your way. Enjoy!

Are you open to receiving?
 receiving a gift Many of us were trained as youngsters to dismiss or downplay compliments, so as not to appear "too full of ourselves". A friend may comment positively on our new haircut, or a new shirt, and our knee-jerk automatic response might be to discount it, or point out how it's lacking. Energetically, this is like being offered money, and replying "No thanks -- I'm more comfortable being poverty-stricken and living in struggle". This makes no sense!

A favorite teacher of mine, EFT Master Dr. Carol Look, recently held a class on Attracting Abundance. One of her main points, which she kept reinforcing, was that abundance is not necessarily money. It's an uplifted feeling, maybe from the love of your friends or grandchildren, or from helping someone with just the right words, or from cleaning your desk so you have more space and can think and work more clearly.

 sharing an umbrella with a friend Even if you don't have the financial success you'd like (yet!), you may have a wealth of close caring relationships, or of outstanding health. Appreciate it! This is abundance others may be desperately seeking. Focusing on "I don't have it" or "I don't have enough of it" can often blind us to what we do have, which we may be taking for granted. The focus on lack keeps our energy right there in that "poverty consciousness" arena, not centered on a welcoming belief like "Good things are coming to me all the time!".

When I discovered, over 20 years ago now, that others had improved or eliminated their own vision problems, it seemed almost too good to be true. Initially I pushed it away, with thoughts like "That'll never work for me -- my prescription is too strong, and I've worn glasses or contacts since I was 5!". I couldn't bear the thought of believing in this childhood fantasy of seeing clearly without correction, then being disappointed. I was closing the door to the possibility of growing and improving, choosing to stay in my familiar blurry little world. This was not an abundance mindset!

 opening a magical present When I finally started experimenting with improving my own eyesight, reading all the books I could find about it, I still wasn't a true believer, or fully committed. I read success stories of people who'd started with much better vision than I had, about what they did and how they changed their habits. Yet I was reluctant to let go of my Near-sighted Nancy identity, which was all I knew. Who would I be if I could see clearly, with no eyestrain? I could hardly imagine my life this way.

Once I decided to aim my sights (ha ha!) on becoming Clear-sighted Nancy, noticing and appreciating what I could see instead of what I couldn't, I could feel the change in my behavior. I'd go for a walk and enjoy looking at the detail in the trees and clouds. I'd see driving in the rain or fog as an exciting adventure instead of a scary ordeal. When my eyes were tired, I'd rest them with palming, rather than pushing them harder. And as I welcomed the shapes and colors and images which came to my visual system gratefully, not resisting them or struggling hard to force them to be clearer, my sight became sharper. What in your life could you do a better job of receiving? You might be surprised at the gift it is.

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