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November 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and a noteworthy November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about truly wanting to see clearly, or not. Enjoy!

Do you want to see clearly?
 man covering his eyes If you'd asked me years ago if I wanted to see clearly, back when I was wearing thick "coke-bottle" eyeglasses, I would have considered that a crazy question. Of course I wanted to see well! However, I thought the only possible way, with my weak eyesight, was stronger and stronger glasses. It never occurred to me that I could see well without those cumbersome devices, or that my habits were a factor.

In looking back over my history and my customary habits and patterns, I've realized that for most of my life I thought the only way to get things done was to push myself, relentlessly. If effort and struggle and sacrifice were required, the accomplishment felt like I'd earned it. It seemed that something which came easily to me almost didn't count. I had much more respect for those who'd achieved something despite hardship, as if that was somehow more noble and deserving of praise.

 information overload Although some things did come easily to me, like learning in school, neither staying centered amidst chaos nor seeing clearly did. I could tell myself I wanted clear sight, almost desperately since I felt so defective. However many times I just wanted to escape the noise and confusion and confrontation from others to hole up with a book where I felt safer. If clear vision meant facing everyone and everything that came toward me, I was not ready for that.

When I was a child I fully believed I needed those thick eyeglasses so I could see well enough to function, do my chores and deal with other people. Maybe this was also my suit of armor protecting me, giving me the illusion of being safe. It was only years later that I realized how restrictive and limiting this suit of armor was. When I stumbled upon the idea that it was theoretically possible for me to see without glasses, even though it wasn't my reality yet, I reached out for that with all my energy. The idea of seeing clearly without eyeglasses or contacts still pulls me forward now.

moving toward dalai lama quote The freedom I feel without glasses on my face or bits of plastic under my eyelids to "help me see" may be difficult to understand for those who have never worn spectacles or contacts. No need to constantly rinse them, no expensive soaking or cleaning solutions required, no frames to obstruct the panorama of the big beautiful expansive view of what's in front of me. It is not an exaggeration to say I feel let out of prison.

Wanting to see clearly sometimes means seeing the painful as well as what's pleasing. In my emotional work, I needed to honestly look at how fiercely I had pushed myself, and how often I felt like I wasn't good enough. When I started softening these patterns and being more accepting of myself, I also became more accepting of my vision. This allowed me to naturally and gradually see better, like a plant growing upward toward the sun. Pulling on the plant didn't help! Now I appreciate the clarity which comes to me, both visually and emotionally, and look forward to receiving even more, every day.

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