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October 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and an over-the-top October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me laughing while sitting with a friend, unaware she's taking my picture. I hope you have friends who make you laugh too!

Today's issue has an article on ways to move stuck energy, and why that matters. Enjoy!

Move the energy!
 moving energy How often have you heard someone complaining they're stuck? This could be in trying to lose weight, or in what feels like a dead-end unfulfilling job, or in a long-standing pattern of conflict with a spouse or relatives, or with a personal health challenge. We intuitively know that being stuck and stagnant is not a state of healing and growth for us. So what can we do?

My energy medicine teacher Deborah King tells us any illness or problem originates in our energy field first. We all have a human energy field we walk around in -- think of it as your "vibe". If that energy problem is not dealt with, it eventually becomes a problem in the physical body, or somewhere else in our physical world like our job or family. So why not address it in our energy field? That's usually a lot easier!

OK, how do you move stuck energy? Sometimes it's as simple as moving your body, going for a brisk walk, or dancing around the living room. Moving your muscles shakes up that sluggish feeling and fires up your enthusiasm. Or find something to make you laugh! Watch a silly comedy, or spend time playing with a child -- you'll be giggling before you know it.

Another great way to change your energy and start getting un-stuck is to practice gratitude. Yes, you might have a health challenge, but why not shift your focus to what's going right with your body? Too often we only pay attention when there's trouble. I'm guessing you have a lot to be grateful for regarding your health. Tell your body and mind "Thank you!".

Finally, can you do something for someone else, to get out of your own funk? A common suggestion to a person feeling lonely on a holiday is to volunteer at a soup kitchen, serving meals to the homeless. Helping others opens our own heart, and leads us to be more aware of our blessings instead of seeing only what's not perfect.

As humans we are all connected, and not just because of the internet! Join in the flow of Life, and your energy will flow along with it. See yourself as an instrument in the vast human orchestra, adding your unique notes to the beautiful music.

One of the best ways to get your visual energy moving is with the Long Swing. You can read about it here.

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