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October 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and an outstanding October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about practice for the future you want. Enjoy!

Practicing your future
 discouraged man When we want to develop a new ability, or improve at something we already know how to do at a beginner level, we practice. Usually we fumble at first and make mistakes, until we develop a degree of skill and some confidence. Along with this eventually comes a belief in ourselves, an "I can do this!" positive feeling. And we'll never get to this point if we're discouraged at the start because we don't know how to do it yet, so we don't even try.

If you think of your future not as a far-off time after you retire or the kids get out of college, but instead as next week or next month or even tomorrow, how are you practicing for it? If you want to reduce your financial debt, or shed some extra pounds, why wait to start? If you have a big goal, break it down into smaller manageable pieces, like losing 5 pounds instead of 30. And practice the attitude of someone slimmer, or debt-free, holding your head high because you overcame that challenge.

 imagining sparks of light About that positive attitude, when I have something I'm hoping to achieve, I like to imagine I've completed it, written that article or finished that difficult workout. I enjoy the sense of satisfaction in knowing I did a good job, even though I haven't really done it yet. This helps pull me forward to take the action I need to make my imagined scene a reality. It fills me with happy energy, like fuel to propel me on the journey. If it's a longer journey, I'll keep holding the success picture in my mind, repeatedly motivating myself, daily if needed. And this feels so much better than imagining all the ways I might fail!

Here's an example of how I practice for a future plane trip, the thought of which was scary and intimidating to me in the past. When I started studying with an energy healing group almost 9 years ago, whose teacher is based in California while I'm far across the country in NY state, I soon realized with dismay that to be "all in", I would have to attend faraway workshops. I was more nervous then than I am now, so I worried that I'd miss a connection or not find my gate or the shuttle to take me to the hotel wouldn't show up -- I was practicing imagining everything that could go wrong! Naturally this made me even more anxious. Now I practice seeing all the little details going smoothly, and I feel much better. Plus I can look forward to re-uniting with friends who care about me when I reach my destination.

 soaring eagle To break that big challenge into manageable pieces, see if you can practice only part of what you're avoiding. Can you drive to the gym, walk inside and just look around? You might notice some friendly people, and see that not everyone seems like a runway model. Or maybe when you go out to dinner, you can bring home part of that big portion to have for lunch the next day, or ask for a piece of fruit instead of a sugar-laden concoction for dessert. Baby steps are better than no steps at all!
When I realized how concerned I was about missing a plane connection, or a shuttle which I'd paid for in advance not showing up, I decided to practice remaining in control, as much as I could. I researched the plane schedules so I knew when the next one was to my destination, in case I missed the one I'd planned to catch. I made sure I had the shuttle phone number with me, and knew I could write a negative review if they did forget me. In the scores of trips I've taken, no shuttle has ever not shown up, so this fear is pretty much flattened. Please practice for the best future you can envision for yourself, remembering "the future" could be later today. Build that happy future one confident capable moment at a time, as your life keeps getting better. See yourself soaring!

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