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October 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and an outstanding October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about feeding your energy by being in Nature. Enjoy!

Are you letting Nature nourish you?
 Hudson River seen from a train ride This time of year in lower NY state where I live, the leaves are getting crispy and the nights are getting chilly. We can't take the warm pleasant days for granted any longer, being able to just walk out the door in bare feet and no jacket. I am most relaxed during the warmer months when I can keep the windows open all day, looking out at the grass and trees and hearing the birdsong even when I'm hard at work on the computer. This calms me and centers me, seeming to make everything easier.

The view above of the Hudson River is from a train trip I took in early October a few years ago. Even if it's not sunshine and abundant greenery, which is probably my favorite type of Nature scene, I'd rather look at the river and clouds and hills a few miles away than at buildings and traffic. Nature feels restful and energizing to me at the same time. This isn't frantic energy like I'd get from too much caffeine. Instead it's fuel which helps me be more peacefully productive.

 deer in snow seen though the window screen In the warmer months I find excuses to walk outside many times a day, even if only for just a few minutes. When I can look out on my front lawn which I just mowed, sending it appreciation, this lifts my spirits. In the winter it's not as easy for me to connect with Nature, and I'm tempted to stay indoors rather than bundle up and venture out in the chill. Yet when I do, I always come back inside with renewed energy and often new insights.

Several deer live in the woods down behind my house, though I seldom see them in the summer. When the weather is colder, especially when it snows, they sometimes venture up from the woods, looking for shrubbery to nibble on. Last winter this one surprised me she was so close, and what a great example of being at home in Nature in all seasons! You know the deer are accepting of whatever the weather is, not fighting it or resenting it and wishing it was different.

 eye image in a blue sky Thinking more about the deer and their quiet way of being with What Is, this is a model for me in more ways than with the weather. Many wisdom teachers have tied suffering to resisting what is happening in the moment. "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional", they say. One of my outdoorsy friends said years ago that there's no such thing as inclement weather, just inadequate clothing! With that attitude, the cold or ice and snow can be seen as invigorating rather than hostile.

Sometimes just looking out the window, whatever the season, feeds my attitude. When gazing at any Nature scene, I imagine I'm out in the middle of it. I think about my ancestors generations ago who lived most of their lives outdoors. Animals have no shelter except what they dig or build with their paws or claws, and only the protection of their fur or feathers against the cold and wet. And animals don't seem to get stressed and unhappy unless they're in captivity, so maybe it's the same for us. Give yourself a healthy dose of Vitamin N (for Nature) today -- it's sure to lift your spirits.

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