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October 2023 Newsletter

Hello, and an outstanding October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how the emotional, mental, physical, and visual parts of us are all connected. Enjoy!

Emotional, mental, physical, visual
 energy as medicine The relationships among body health or maladies, and what we usually think about or focus on, and how we spend our time, are becoming more obvious to the majority of us. We see a friend pushing herself too hard and constantly staying late at work, looking driven and haggard rather than inspired. Then we aren't surprised when she comes down with a serious flu. She's clearly been "burning the candle at both ends" and not replenishing her energy.

Our friend's flu is not a mystery, nor is it a punishment. It's a message that her physical being needs more attention and self-care and probably rest than she's been giving herself. However, when our vision starts to complain, we're often slower to realize that the way we've been abusing our eyes may be behind this. Maybe you don't need glasses, or stronger ones, after all. You may just need to take more frequent breaks from screens, or get outside more often, or move more, or upgrade your diet, to give your visual system more energy.

 human energy field Speaking of energy, when I see someone with sparkling bright eyes full of life, I'm pretty sure they also have a good healthy diet, strong nourishing relationships, plenty of outdoor time in Nature, and enough replenishing sleep. It's all connected! It makes me laugh when people ask about the one vitamin or herb or exercise which will "fix" their declining vision, without having to change any of their destructive habits.

It's unlikely that a vision challenge is the only thing not working optimally in your life. It may be "the canary in the coal mine", the first sign by a sensitive part of you that what you're doing isn't working so well. Hard-driving folks who just want to function and produce can often ignore their emotions at the expense of "getting things done", which doesn't usually lead to tip-top health. My to-do list is important, yes, although many tasks are not urgent, while whether I'm charging my personal battery or draining it is. That's where I want to keep my focus.

rainbow eye image A friend created this eye and rainbow logo for me years ago when I started my business. To me it shows the reaching-out opening-up receiving energy of clear eyesight, and my heart takes a little leap of joy whenever I look at it. Dr. Bates wrote about seeing best what makes you feel good, and I want to convey this positive feeling to others and to myself, especially about the magic of eyesight. If your body is healthy and rested and well-fed, you see better. If your mind is peaceful and free from worry, your sight will be clearer as well.

If you're having difficulty with your vision, I invite you to step back and take a broader look at your life and habits, to see what needs attention. What do you spend a lot of time thinking about? What's the predominant sensation in your body? Are you happy? If you're full of worry and pain, tension and stress, it's no surprise your vision is not at peace either. Give the problems grabbing your attention some focus, taking steps to reduce them, even small steps. Take a warm shower, go for a walk, make a hot soothing cup of tea. Notice the good in your life -- when you're more content with What Is, you'll be more satisfied with your vision too.

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Newly released e-book by a master EFT teacher
My skilled insightful EFT teacher Dr. Carol Look has just published an e-book, Overcoming Overwhelm. I can't recommend Carol's work highly enough. Nearly everyone I know, myself included, is experiencing feelings of overwhelm, and Carol's book will give you some guidance and support for dealing with it. You can check out the details here.

New Emotional Abundance program
Dr. Carol Look is also offering a new program on Emotional Abundance in October. This will include 6 live classes where you'll get the chance to work personally with Carol if you wish, a golden opportunity. Hope to see you there! You can find out more about Carol's Emotional Abundance series here.

Have you wondered if my work could help you?
I'm now offering complimentary Discovery Session consultations of 20 minutes or so, for us to discuss what you're looking for in a coach, and to see whether you and I feel like a fit to work together formally. To schedule your Discovery Session, click here.

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