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September 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a super-duper September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is cropped from a shot with a fellow energy medicine student, taken at a recent workshop. Lots of learning and great company -- no wonder I'm smiling!

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on how vision may improve on a vacation. The second article is on dreams showing you another side of yourself. Enjoy!

Vacation Vision
 painted conch shell Several years ago when I had just started vision improvement, I was close friends with a woman who reached for her reading glasses before she tried to read anything at all. She went on vacation to a warm tropical climate, then came home eager to tell me she had been able to distinguish the shampoo bottle from the conditioner in the shower! She was able to read the small print easily, and was very excited, as this had been a problem for her for a long time. I used this "teaching moment" to remind her that she'd been more relaxed than she was at home, away from all her usual responsibilities, and when we're relaxed, we see better.

Statistics say Monday morning or Sunday night is a time of frequent heart attacks, as people become anxious anticipating the added pressures of the work week, after a relaxing weekend away from "the grind". What are we doing to ourselves? If we can only relax on the weekend, or only see clearly when we're on vacation, I think something needs to change.

Why wait for that vacation to let yourself relax? Your body and mind and eyes probably need it right now. See if you can schedule regular breaks from your routine, even brief ones. Go outdoors away from the computer and take a walk, or give your eyes a short session of palming. Your visual system, and all the rest of you, will be so grateful!

Another vacation-like practice to play with at home is to see your familiar environment with new eyes, as if it's the first time you've noticed it. Examine the colors and shapes and shadings like you would an exotic tropical scene. Look with interest and delight. Pretend you live in the tropics, and are now at your home on a vacation. It's all in how you look at it.

To see a recent story of my own vision improving in a vacation setting, click here.

If you'd like to learn how to relax your own visual system and to see more clearly, whether you're on vacation or not, consider a Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't it be fun to really enjoy your vision?

Dreams: Seeing Your Own Character
 cartoon of being pushed One of my favorite dream practices is to examine my own behavior when I dream of myself. Am I a nice person? Does the dream show me as sociable and friendly, helpful to others? This last point is a big one for me, since I was afraid of practically everyone when I was younger.

Recently I had a dream where I was part of a group (good for me! says my internal cheerleader), yet also seemed overly worried. Did the dream situation represent a real threat? Or was it a reflection of my tendency to see trouble everywhere? You can read the details of this dream here.

Look at your dream as a story, with you as the main character. Is he or she a hero, someone you're proud to be identified with? Are you silent in the dream, when you wish you had spoken up? If this reflects waking behavior, maybe it's time to change it. In my early 20s I gave myself the assignment of greeting people, perhaps asking them for the time. Simple human interactions were painfuly difficult for me then. Now I can usually talk to people I don't know in an easy relaxed manner.

If you keep a dream journal, it's interesting to look back at earlier dreams, to see if your behavior or personality in your dreams has changed over time. I have become more sociable in my dreams as I've mentioned, and am actually in groups more often in my dreams than I am when I'm awake! My personal confidence is slowly growing as a dream character, which I've seen in waking life too.

Consider your dreams as just another view of you, through a lens you're not used to using to view yourself. How do you look? We all need a bit of polishing somewhere, yet be sure to note your good points too. You've made a lot of progress, so celebrate that!

If you'd like to learn more about your own dreaming, consider a Dream Coaching session. Together we can decipher the guidance your dreams are sending you.

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