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September 2018 Newsletter

Hello, and a super-duper September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about the role of belief in healing. Enjoy!

Do You Believe You Can Heal?
 can't to can As an optimist, one of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford. "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!". Along the same line, it's said we make our own luck. Does this mean it's our own fault if we get sick? No, I think that's way too harsh. And I also believe we might be able to keep our body healthier by maintaining a healthier attitude.

Have you ever pushed and pushed yourself, maybe at work or to meet the needs of an ailing friend or relative? You skimp on your sleep, eating junk food because it takes less time, all the while knowing you're burning the candle at both ends, and you'll run out of gas soon. And no surprise, you get sick, and have to rest. Your body forces you to do what you wouldn't do willingly, that is, take a break and recharge your precious human energy battery.

 human surrounded by an energy field Years ago I used to go running every day, sometimes twice a day I was so obsessed with it. I'd often see folks in the neighborhood who'd volunteer with a sad face, "Oh, I can't run". I'd look at them, puzzled, as they weren't on crutches and seemed reasonably healthy to me. You don't have to be an Olympic sprinter to go running! And of course running is not the sport for everyone. I wondered what else they told themselves they couldn't do, when maybe they just didn't want to reach out of their comfort zone to try something new and different.
The person illustrated above, surrounded by all that swirling energy, feels like an image of boundless human potential, the total opposite of "I can't". Maybe you have a situation in your own life you're hoping to heal, be it financial or health-related or with a relationship. Does your self-talk sound like "I'll never be able to fix this mess!". Or do you envision a positive outcome, tapping your human energy creativity to come up with steps to get you there? When I feel like complaining, it always helps to do something, even if it's just the laundry! Then I have a small sense of accomplishment I can build on to tackle the larger issues, and make some progress.
 optimism image About envisioning that positive outcome to your problem, "looking on the bright side" is usually a good strategy when we can manage it. I read just yesterday that every other person you meet is dealing with a serious problem that isn't obvious to you. I don't know where this statistic came from, but it makes sense to me. So why carry around a negative attitude, and dump your complaints on people who have major issues of their own? Do some little thing to make yourself feel better in the moment, maybe call a friend and ask about her life.

My two go-to strategies for dealing with difficulties in my life are "What can I do here?" and "What can I learn here?". A central part of my identity seems to be that of a student, constantly pushing the boundaries of my own knowledge and skill set. A "problem" is often an opportunity in disguise. I've met many people who said "That cancer (or heart attack, or serious car accident) was the best thing that ever happened to me! I'm a different, and better, person now". I don't wish tragedy or illness on anyone, but even if that's what you're dealing with, it doesn't have to be The End. It might just be the beginning of an even brighter future than you could have imagined.

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