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September 2019 Newsletter

Hello, and a sensational September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how many aspects of our lives, or our health, are connected. Enjoy!

It's all connected!
 human energy field Years ago my dream teacher used to say "Life rhymes". You may have noticed these coincidences, or patterns of similarity. You buy a red car, and suddenly you're seeing red cars everywhere! Did your purchase cause this, or has your level of awareness been heightened so what was always there is now hitting your radar?

Maybe you've observed this dynamic with injuries. You keep twisting the same ankle, or bruising the same elbow, or cutting the same finger when you slice vegetables. What's the message? Are you rushing and only halfway paying attention? The first little accident could have been a gentle warning to proceed more mindfully, and when you didn't change your habits, it happened again.

 mother and daughter in eyeglasses One of the main themes of my own life has been my struggle with eyesight. With a mother who wore glasses which I had to look through if I ever wanted to see her eyes, and being naturally shy, my childhood brain concluded that seeing clearly, especially seeing and understanding other people, was difficult, even dangerous. My vision and my personality drew inward more and more when I was young, and to this day I am still learning how to reach out and connect with the world. Can you see any childhood patterns in yourself which might need undoing?

When someone is talking and says "I've always been ..." my ears perk up, especially if a negative trait is being described. "I've always been bad with money" or "I've had weak ankles since I was a child" gets my attention as a coach. This problem doesn't have to be a life sentence! If you don't like the pattern, it's up to you to change it, whether that means taking a class or talking with experts, so you can develop a new behavior. Doesn't "I'm learning to ..." sound more positive and hopeful than "I'm terrible at ..."?

 Dalai Lama quote It's interesting to look back over our lives and spot the themes which make us who we are. Maybe as a child you were singing as soon as you could talk, or bringing home one stray animal after another, or putting together puzzles faster than the adults around you. How have these preferences and abilities shown up as you grew, and have they been encouraged or squashed? If it made you happy as a child, see if you can get more of it now, maybe in a hobby or a side job, if it doesn't fit into your primary career.

If I look at the happiest people I know, they're not always the richest or most good-looking. They have somehow figured out what they like to do, then they make sure to incorporate that into their lives on a regular basis, while gently expanding their talents in areas where they are less skilled. It seems like a paradox: know you're good enough just as you are, and also know you can grow and improve. Don't we all want to give our best to those we care about and to the world, whatever our special abilities happen to be?

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