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September 2022 Newsletter

Hello, and a super-duper September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about balance, or the lack of it. Enjoy!

Are you keeping your balance?
 being pushed When I think of a balanced life, I envision my ideal day where I'm mostly calm (whether I'm active or resting), and have enough time and space for both my "have-to's" and my "want-to's". And I'm well aware that my reality is often far from this ideal! So I hold balance as a goal, a guiding principle which will keep pulling me forward.

Even though tranquility is my goal, I often feel like events can push or pull me away from my center, as in the image above. Unless I never turn on the computer or news, and cut off all my communication with others, I can't see this changing. So if I temporarily lose my footing and happen to fall, I get right up and keep going, like the saying advises. Fall down 7 times, get up 8!

 autumn colors This time of year, with the daylight getting shorter in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer vibrancy beginning to fade toward the more dormant autumn and winter times, is all about balance. As usual, Nature is a great example. She models for us the pattern of bloom, then rest, so we'll be able to bloom again. Plants and animals rarely experience burnout like humans do, because they follow this cycle.

When I first started vision improvement many years ago, as is typical for me I see now that I over-did it. I read book after book like I was cramming for an exam, and did the gentle relaxation practices much too forcefully. As a result, my progress at calming my nervous system and eyes was pretty slow. I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to understand that I not only needed to learn how to look in a peaceful curious receptive manner, I also needed to allow my visual system to unwind fully when I wasn't actively using it.

 rocks balanced on a see-saw A time for activity, a time for rest; this is balance. Healthy vision is about this too, as well as about accommodating to both light and darkness, movement and stillness, black and white images as well as color. Don't forget about depth, since the world is not a computer screen, no matter how good its resolution. A healthy relaxed pair of eyes can interpret and appreciate it all.

Just like I try to keep my vision practices balanced between "doing" and "non-doing", I like to keep my attitude balanced between gently encouraging myself to keep going, and praising myself for small successes. My pattern of self-motivation has often been punitive, criticizing myself for not doing enough, and I don't want to do this with my vision. I appreciate seeing whatever I see well, like the separation of the shingles on the house far across the street. If I can't see as clearly as I want to, I admit I'm trying too hard and need to relax. Learning to pay attention to my vision has helped to keep my whole life in balance.

To read about me accepting the lack of light and learning to enjoy it, click here.

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