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Client Testimonials

Debra McGarvey, Poughkeepsie NY USA
I had a dream that woke me in tears. It disturbed me for days. When I spoke to Nancy she helped me see the clarity of my dream and understand its meaning. I am so relieved and grateful to her.

Marlene, Canada
I have worked with Nancy on dreams for many years now and I have always found her insights to be helpful, supportive and nourishing. Nancy is the kind of teacher who helps students bring out the best in themselves. And she always works from a place of compassion and warmth. I highly recommned her.

Janet, Los Angeles California USA
Nancy has been a great inspiration for me and has effectively educated and coached me in tailoring natural vision therapy to my personal vision issues and in making natural vision therapy an effortless 24/7 part of daily life.

Jane, Minnesota USA
Nancy has very useful insights to answer my questions on vision improvement, because she has experienced the journey herself and knows the tricks to use our vision more naturally. She is very supportive and knowledgeable.

Stephanie, Cambridge UK
Nancy, thank you so much for your continued support with my vision improvement. You have this intuitive ability to understand what I'm experiencing and how I can build on it. I marvel at how you manage to communicate with such gentleness and sensitivity! Thanks for having such a calming effect on me and my vision.

Barbara, NYC NY USA
Nancy is like a dream detective - looking for clues to the meaning of our dreams. I was thrilled to have someone help me make sense of the recurring dreams that have visited me in the night for many years. Nancy's humor and insight makes the sessions so enjoyable, I can't wait for the next one!

Gabriela, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada
Nancy, I would like to thank you for teaching me and sharing with me all you know about vision improvement. Most importantly thanks for your support and for being such a good friend. I wore contacts for such a long time that I never thought I was going to be able to wear glasses. I was ashamed but you encouraged me and now here I am, wearing a lighter prescription in my glasses and having fun improving my vision. It feels so good to see better. Thanks!

Jo, Gainesville Florida USA
Nancy's insight and ability to help one look deeper into not only their dreams but their life is an amazing gift. I continue to learn from her wisdom and teaching. There is a saying about "what we teach we learn" and for Nancy it is so true she continues to grow as she guides others in their growth and understanding. My session with Nancy and my ongoing relationship with her is a blessing in my life and will be for anyone that is willing to engage in working with her.

Karen, Long Island NY USA
You helped tremendously with that nightmare, which is no longer a nightmare, but a real transformation, I think!

Rev. Samadhi Longo-Disse, M.Div, STM, AMP, CSC, PhD, San Diego California, USA
Nancy Neff has an extraordinary gift, helping people to see better than perhaps they could imagine. This was my experience. She spent very careful and thorough time with me, gently guiding me to know that I could see more and more, having been blind in one eye and diminished sight in the other, since birth. So far my vision has improved so that I am seeing distance better without the glasses! Time spent with Nancy is invaluable.

Kathi Osteen, Mandan North Dakota USA
A while back I asked Nancy for help with an eye problem. It was like looking through my eyeglasses that had a big smudge on them. Eye doctor gave a clean bill of health. Nancy gave it name - scotoma - and the word I connected to "blind spot". I was getting a bit fearful and just connecting with dear friends took that away. I did a little work on my "blind spots" and it and they are all gone!

Vesna, Calgary Alberta Canada
Nancy, you are a healer and I think of you when I feel like "I am not making progress, does this even work?". The way you write is splendid! I felt as if you verbalized the most awkward to express issues that I had in my life. I understood where my problems lay better than ever after reading your blogs.

I got my weaker glasses from Zenni. Yes they felt awkward but I am getting used to them. My family is so supportive too. I don't wear any glasses around the house now (other than when I cook or do something that could be dangerous). And yes I found an optometrist here in Calgary who even wrote a chapter in Jacob Liberman's book "Take off your glasses and see" where he talks a lot about a "trauma" that started the blur in the first place. I ordered the book and can't wait to read it.

Dian, Tulsa Oklahoma USA
I had an EFT session with Nancy in July. It centered around challenges of indecision, an issue that I felt was really hitting me in the face. I get stuck in the fear of making a "wrong" choice. The options just keep playing around in my head. As Nancy guided the tapping, I felt like I was listening to Nick Ortner, a highly accomplished EFT practitioner on Hay House Radio! With her words she intuitively guided me into my real issue around indecisiveness - the fear that I wouldn't hear my soul's wisdom. Tearfully, I felt sadness about that but tapped to the statement "I deeply and completely accept myself." We continued to tap, and my level of anxiety about decision-making was greatly reduced. Now whenever I get caught in the struggle to make a decision, I find compassion for myself rather than criticism. Thank you, Nancy!

Jennifer, Utah USA
Thank you so much for the vision session today. I actually think I can see better! I got on my phone and I was able to read everything with much more ease! I'm excited to implement all the exercises/practices you mentioned today. Thanks again!

Taylor, Florida USA
Nancy ~ I don't think I ever got the chance to thank you for my reading on the recurring dream of never being able to find my room nor get help from the front desk. You were TOTALLY spot on and I have not have the dream again! I was amazed that as I kept reading your words you were totally correct! I still don't know where I belong but it is so much better not thinking of it day and nite~ so much appreciation! It really was amazing as this dream had been nagging for weeks! But you cleared that all up! Just through your words! AMAZING!

Gael, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Thanks so much for today's EFT session Nancy. I really felt the shifts and have no charge on a few of those issues now which is wonderful. Your intuition really helped to find the key points. I no longer want to have those negative outlooks.

Pamela, Georgia USA
Nancy is skilled at getting to the root of issues. Working with her as my EFT facilitator I was able to shift some long held beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward. Thank you Nancy for your insightful and compassionate guidance.

J.M., Pennsylvania USA
After Nancy's caring and fun EFT work with me, at the weekend gathering NOT ONCE did I feel like an outsider or an alien or that I didn't belong.

Wendy, NYC, NY USA
I have had topical introduction and knowledge of EFT, but having an actual session with Nancy's guidance and intuition was powerful and much more comprehensive than my previous experience. I really felt a lot of energy moving throughout my body, and also had some vivid 'experiential' dreams the night after the session.

D. Wang, Chendu, Sichuan China
Thank you so much for your lesson. I have learned a lot about the importance of some exercises that I ignored before. But most importantly, you gave me the great expectations for my vision reversed someday, which inspired me really a lot. Because other people around me conclude that my efforts would just fail because no one else in their life ever reversed their myopia. Some others cannot understand what I am doing because they don't know what it feels like to wear strong prescriptions. I think belief is quite so necessary for one who wants to achieve, now I am changing my belief about my eyes, thanks to your encouragement.

Beedie Savage, CEO Quantum Units Education, Partner QueTech LLC, Los Ojos California
Nancy you're an amazing coach and couples EFT practitioner!! My partner and I felt so fortunate to have you work with us today around anxieties with the upcoming trip and in general. We are in awe of your humor, your vulnerability, your skills and most of all the EFT results! You should seriously consider doing more couples EFT coaching.

Joyce, NYC, NY USA
Nancy not only teaches the Bates method but she works with the underlying emotional issues using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I had a very powerful session with her. I released so much emotional pain that my eyes were holding in one session. Wow!

Janet Allen, Sterling MI, USA
Nancy, I want to write a tribute to you. Your essays, short, easy to read and soo pointed have helped me so much. Each time I read one, I change a habit or think in a different way. Sometimes it is blinking more, or moving my head or relaxing my eyes. I have read all the books. I have a stack of them. I even have an eye chart in the bathroom.... But it is so hard to see what you just can't see.... that relaxation is the key. It clicked a bit for me when you posted the swans picture [a Magic Eye hidden 3D image]. I somehow began to see the world the way I look at those wonderful pictures. I can keep looking and blinking and wait to see what will show up instead of straining to see what I SHOULD be seeing (road signs, words on a page etc) The things pop from all angles. I owe you dear Nancy...

Victoria H., Connecticut, USA
Since our last session I have felt so much more at peace with my eyes and with myself. I feel more comfortable and confident just living my life as me.

Jackie L., Long Island NY, USA
Thank you so much for all your help today!! It really helped me so much. I made some huge shifts today and I have you to thank. I will def be in touch to schedule another session. Thank you again!!!

Deanna B., San Diego CA, USA
I wanted to share with you that I was blessed with another improvement in the vision in my right eye! I noticed it last night. Thank you for all of your guidance and support, and being an amazing part of my healing journey. I'm very grateful for you!

Sally, Nashville TN, USA
I woke up Monday morning feeling like my new/old self--without the heaviness of anxiety. While on my travels, I noticed that I had little, if any, double vision. It only returned when I was close to home after driving for 8.5 hours! Thanks again, Nancy, for your gift of empathy and EFT!

Cynthia Stumborg, Canada
Thank you Nancy for holding space as I reached out to you while struggling with overwhelming emotional issues. I appreciate your kind, caring, supportive, frank and gentle responses to help me look to myself for how I needed to manage the situation I was struggling with. Sometimes I can't see the trees for the forest when I've been triggered emotionally by so many things at one time...I'm happy to know Nancy Neff is a caring and wise coach, available on-line, who knows how to empower me by accepting my request to talk in confidence, and by holding the space for me while allowing me to share openly through writing. Nancy's coaching on-line is so helpful and convenient. Thank you Nancy, I am feeling more confident and capable of sorting out my personal problems with practical reminders about grounding myself in nature, and journaling out my feelings to find the answers within. Thank you Nancy for your supportive feedback.
Peace and Many Blessings

Laure N., Denmark
I had recently a short sesion with Nancy. Though short, the session was extremely beneficial. Just by saying simple things and telling short stories, Nancy shed light on some dark places and gave some information that I needed. I have always been the person who uses eyeglasses all the time, now, after the session, I sometimes dare to go around without these glasses. In addition to all of this, I am now (after the session) more confident that I can improve my vision and highly motivated to do the work. Thank you Nancy.

Irina B., Paris France
My first session with Nancy has been very beneficial. In my opinion it has clearly demonstrated how much faster one can improve with guidance. I have been an avid scholar of vision improvement since several years, reading and practicing various techniques. It was great to work with Nancy because she understands exactly what you are going through, she's been there, and she has a very gentle kind approach. She also draws on her experience in energy healing to help with vision improvement which is a definite bonus. I look forward to working with her again.

Gwen D., North Carolina, USA
Hi Nancy!
We had a Skype session last summer that featured tapping. I need to tell you that for the past few months my right eye vision has been consistently perfectly clear and my left eye is not far behind. I was amazed that I can even read small street signs when driving at night without my -0.75 glasses. I recently put together that the session I had with you is why this wonderful improvement has happened! So thank you so much! I want to schedule another session soon to help bring my left eye up to perfect.

Reader comment on one of my blog articles
Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to leave a quick testimonial about getting away from glasses. I wore glasses for myopia as a teenager for a brief time (maybe a month or two). I was very angry and disappointed I had to wear the things, I searched for hours online after I got them for ways to improve vision naturally. I came across Esther Joy Van Der Werf (VisionsofJoy.org), your blog/website and few other Bates Method sites. After a few months of disciplinary action and learning to use my eyes without any effort (believe me it was a journey), I was seeing for a good part of the day with 20/15. Just want to say thank you for putting this stuff out there, the contentedness and enjoyment it brings is nearly boundless!!
I'm still working on getting rid of my floaters, for the most part I usually don't see them. Sunning and not squinting were the biggest agents in targeting my floaters, basics I know but so vitally important! I have/had quite a few due to a number of violent blows to the head I have sustained over the years. The ability to look up into a intense, sapphire blue sky and not have any annoying specks drift across your field of vision is an extremely satisfying one!!
To anybody reading this who has visual problems - it works!!! It may take a little time and discipline, but you will not regret it once you experience your vision clearing up. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, esp those who can ill afford to wear glasses like pilots, service members, firefighters etc. I can personally attest that my marksmanship improved dramatically, and I could pick up objects much further away. One day I discerned a vulture flying around about 800-900 feet about 3-4 miles away on a bright sunny day. I literally believe that the human eye/mind is capable of superhuman feats of visual detection if trained to be used without effort/strain.
Anyway, many thousand thanks to you and David. (David Kiesling is the owner of the Inner Blindness website and Facebook page).

Barbara, New Hampshire, USA
Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to give you a quick update. I've really taken to heart everything that you shared with me. I stopped driving with my progressive glasses and found that I could (barely!) make out the signs - but enough that I knew what was there. I can read the speed limit. There is very little traffic here and I found all of the green trees soothing and felt my eyes relaxing, rather than straining.
I am breaking the habit of reaching for my reading glasses more than I need to. I also ordered a weaker pair to see how I do with them. I wrote in my dream journal this morning without putting my glasses on (smile).


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