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About Dreaming

Dreaming is a state both magical and ordinary. Our logical left brain is mostly turned off when we dream, with our intuitive right brain in charge. Our true feelings will come out in our dreams, especially if we're ignoring them when we're awake. Dreams give us practical guidance, perhaps to be extra careful when driving on a certain bridge where a car accident will happen. Or we may get a health warning before any doctor has picked up a problem. Or we may get notice of some happy event like unexpected money coming in, or a new baby, before any outward signs of it appear in our waking life. Most of all, dreams can be a lot of fun. It's a new movie every night, often with us as the starring character!

To me, ignoring your dreams is like ignoring the input from one of your senses, similar to walking around with your eyes blindfolded. Necessary information may be coming in that you want to notice and possibly act on. And you may be missing an exciting party in the dream-time!

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